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Address Book - My ChurchSuite
Allow members to manage their own details and search for others.

From £12.50/month

My ChurchSuite lets church members log in to their church account to see and change their contact details.

My ChurchSuite is the member-facing side of ChurchSuite that allows church members to manage their own contact details and privacy settings, see past communications, catch up on sermon messages and stay in touch with others in the church.

Edit Contact Details

Church members can edit their contacts details in My ChurchSuite

When enabled, each Address Book contact in your church can log in to My ChurchSuite and edit their own contact details, easing the administrative burden on your church staff and releasing valuable time.

Built for Mobile Devices

My ChurchSuite is a member-facing church software feature that is ideal for mobile phones and can be used as an iPhone or Android app

My ChurchSuite was built for mobile devices first and is a joy to use whether you're on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. iPhone and Android users can even download a full-function "App" rather than use their device's browser.

Styled and Branded

My ChurchSuite can be customised to match your church's colour palette and branding, providing your church members with an interface that feels familiar.

My ChurchSuite can be customised to match your church's colour palette and styling, providing your church members with an experience that feels familiar - just like your church's website and other printed communications.

See all church communication sent to church member in My ChurchSuite

My ChurchSuite gives church members the ability to see all communication that has been sent to them by your church through ChurchSuite, which helps them as well as you. Never miss a message again!   

In My ChurchSuite, church members can search for other church contacts' details.

Subject to each church member's personal privacy and visibility settings, My ChurchSuite members are able to search for the contact details of other church members. This feature, and those who show in the search results, can also be restricted if desired.

Send My ChurchSuite invites to your church members easily and efficiently

The My ChurchSuite invite process is simple, and begins in ChurchSuite. You can grant access with a single click, sending the contact an email with login instructions so that they can set up their account. Intuitive, secure and easy to manage.

Control Visibility

Control church members' privacy and visibility settings in My ChurchSuite

Not everyone in your Address Book may want their details to be shared with other church members. This is why we have built extensive visibility and privacy controls. We take data protection seriously. 

Manage Opt In/Opt Out

Church members can set their preferred communication method by opting in or out of email and SMS

My ChurchSuite makes it easy for church members to manage their Email and SMS opt in/out preferences, ensuring people only receive communication in accordance with those preferences.

Privacy Settings

Church members can set manage their own privacy settings to control what personal information is visible to other church members in My ChurchSuite

Church members can manage their own privacy settings to control what personal information is visible or shared with other church members in My ChurchSuite.


Social Networking Connections

Link common social networking accounts to your My ChurchSuite profile

Church members can link their My ChurchSuite account to their favourite social networking applications for easier login.


Link your existing church podcast feed and provide easy access to your church members through My ChurchSuite

By integrating your existing sermon podcast feed in ChurchSuite, your church members can access sermons and messages directly from within My ChurchSuite. Supports video and audio formats.

Custom Menu Options

Create your own custom menu options to external links such as your church's website or social media pages.

Create your own custom menu options for external links like your church's website or social media pages. Or maybe add links to a Dropbox account for leader or children's resources.

My ChurchSuite is a multi-lingual church members system that supports European languages like English, German - Deutsch, French - Francais, Dutch

As the member-facing part of your church software, it's important church members can use it in their language. My ChurchSuite is displayed in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Slovak depending on the user's native regional settings.

Custom Fields

You can now make custom fields available in My ChurchSuite and determine whether they're visible in

Custom Fields let you gather details for your members that there aren't already dedicated fields for. You can also set which of these custom fields display in My ChurchSuite for church members to maintain.

Secure and Confidential

Secure access through church member email address and password

Whether accessing My ChurchSuite through a browser or one of our apps, you and your church members can be assured of military-grade security. ChurchSuite never shares your account data with third parties.

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