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Address Book - Connect
Gather newcomer information at your church's information desk using ChurchSuite Connect

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Capture newcomer details quickly and easily with our Connect applications for your church's information desk

ChurchSuite's Address Book module includes a great interface that you can deploy on your church's information desk to professionally, quickly and accurately gather newcomer contact details, recording them straight into your Address Book module. Now it's even easier to begin your newcomer integration processes and welcome people into your church community. No more having to decipher handwriting and manually key in visitor connect cards on a Monday morning!

Fully Customisable

Use ChurchSuite Connect on your church information desk to add newcomers or allow existing contacts to search for and edit their details.

Connect is designed for your church's Information Desk, allowing newcomers to submit their contact details quickly and easily. By enabling 'edit' mode, your existing church members can securely search for and update their personal contacts details too.

Styled and Branded

Delivers a Connect experience for newcomers that is styled to suit your church's existing branding and colour palette.

Extend a great first impression to newcomers with a connect experience that's styled to suit your church's existing branding and colour palette. Add a custom welcome message written in language appropriate to your church setting.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields in ChurchSuite that pull through to your newcomer Connect system

Create custom fields in ChurchSuite that let you gather details from newcomers in Connect that there aren't already dedicated fields for. Then select which of those custom fields show in Connect.

Gather Family Details

Capture spouse/partner and children information at the same time

Gather newcomer details for the whole family without having to re-enter family contact details. Add spouses, partners and children quickly and easily; including that all-important medical info needed by your children's group leaders.

Areas of Interest

Create custom areas of interest and then alert related ministry leaders to newcomers who select those options.

Begin newcomer integration more quickly by creating custom Areas of Interest, and then alert the related ministry overseers for each area selected. Add new contacts into your newcomer Flows based on the interest areas they choose.

Assign Tags and Key Dates

Auto-assign Key Dates and Tags to your newcomers.

Auto-assign Key Dates and Tags to newcomers at the time they first connect with your church. For example you might add new contacts to a 'newcomer dinner invite' Tag, or record a Key Date for the date they first connect with you.

Auto-welcome Message

Auto-send your first welcome message.

Set a custom 'success' message to thank newcomers for connecting with your church. Then send them an automated welcome email; perhaps a message from one of the pastors or information about your church and their next steps.

Stay Informed

Stay informed about newcomers as they connect with your church

Notes are automatically added to each newcomer's contact profile. It's easy for the whole team to keep on top of those who are visiting and connecting with your church, ensuring people are followed up appropriately.

Integrate People Quickly

Track and manage your newcomers more effectively

Track and manage newcomers more effectively by welcoming and following up people consistently. Monitor their 'early days' progress through your church's newcomer integration pathways using Flows.

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