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Third party sub-processorsThird party sub-processors that ChurchSuite uses

Last updated: APRIL 10, 2018



Definitions we use in this document

  • The Service” means our ChurchSuite software, which is accessed online through a web browser, or by using our mobile applications (Apps). Access is provided through a unique username/password/PIN.
  • your Organisation” means your church, charity or other type of organisation that has opened a ChurchSuite account. In the relationship between us, your Organisation should be considered the Data Controller as defined within the context of the GDPR and UK data protection law.
  • us”, “we” and “our” refer to ChurchApp Ltd. In the relationship between us, ChurchApp Ltd should be considered the Data Processor as defined within the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK data protection law.
  • you” means you, the person who accesses The Service on behalf of your Organisation. This may include others within your Organisation to whom you choose to grant user access to The Service.

In accordance with our obligations to you (your rights) set out in our Terms of Service, we will only engage a sub-processor where instructed to do so by you, with your prior consent and written contract with that sub-processor, except where that sub-processor is a pre-existing requirement for The Service.

Sub-processors we currently use (required for using The Service)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - AWS host The Service.

Mandrill - ChurchSuite's email handler for all outbound emails sent from within ChurchSuite

GoCardless - Used if you pay for The Service by direct debit (UK customers)

Stripe - Used if you pay for The Service by card (non-UK customers)

FreeAgent - Our billing software, used to raise invoices for The Service and reconcile invoice payments

Textlocal - Where a mobile number has been provided when signing up for The Service, we may periodically communicate with you, our customer, by SMS. For example, to let you know that your trial account has been set up. Ordinarily, however, we communicate mostly by email only.

Filestack - This is the file uploading API that ChurchSuite uses to upload files and images to emails within ChurchSuite.

Mailchimp - ChurchSuite maintains a subscriber mailing list for the purposes of keeping users informed about ongoing updates and new features and functionality in The Service. Opt in to out "Ongoing Updates" mailing list is entirely optional and available on request to support@churchsuite.com. Once subscribed you will receive a subscriber confirmation from Mailchimp. You can opt out of receiving those periodic update emails at any time using the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email communication sent by us.

And finally...

ChurchSuite - Yes, ChurchSuite uses it's own platform to maintain and manage our customer database - so we too have a ChurchSuite account!

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