Review: Dean Aaron Roberts
ChurchSuite has not only streamlined our administration, but enabled and empowered our mission and evangelism

Running 4 parishes (6 churches) equates to a lot of hard work, and it's easy for clergy to be swamped in the admin of one single church, never mind 6! ChurchSuite has released us from some of the inadequate systems we used to use to manage our admin, and has instead given us the ability to refocus our time and energy in ways which best serve the Church.

We found the process switching to ChurchSuite very simple and easy to do. The free trial was excellent and we have found that investing in learning the system really brings out the best of what ChurchSuite can offer. The functionality is next to none and the team are good at hearing our suggestions and comments on the functionality.
The support is excellent, and a testimony to the ethos and vision behind the product. All enquiries are answered and sorted very promptly which only adds to the experience. We are now able to track our relationships with all our parishioners with ease, communication has improved in ways we could have never imagined, and it has facilitated more collaborative ministry amongst clergy and lay people.
ChuchSuite is increasingly being used by a wider and wider cross section of our church families, from the youngest right through to the oldest members!
We unreservedly give this system a five star review and thoroughly recommend it to other churches who want to grow the Kingdom and facilitate ministry.

Dean Aaron Roberts
The Parishes of BMMR | Curate
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