Review: Graham Hunter
ChurchSuite is awesome!!

Our church has grown from around 25 regular worshippers to around 125 regular worshippers in the past couple of years. It's been a real privilege to be involved in such an exciting church, and it's been humbling to see the growth of mission activities being run my members of the congregation.

We've had to undergo a massive culture-change along the way - from being a church where everyone recognised everyone else, to being a church with a constant stream of new faces, and a sufficiently large number that you couldn't be sure of seeing the same people every week. (In fact, our 125 regular attenders is drawn from a pool of around 200.)
We were becoming limited by our administrative structures: we had old word-processed address lists that were out of date and weren't easy to circulate. We tried setting up a spreadsheet on a shared cloud drive - but that was only any use to the staff with access to that drive.
Too often, to get in touch with another church member, people were phoning me (the vicar) to get an email address or mobile number! I resolved that we had to find a way of decentralising our information structures, and sharing out responsibility for communications amongst ministry leaders.
Gavin came to give a presentation in October 2013, and straightaway I saw the potential for ChurchSuite to be a really helpful tool for us. Three months in, and I'm blown-away by its functionality.
Clearly, like anything, it's not perfect, and I'm sure I'll be suggesting new features as the months go by... But for me, the ability to set up staff / ministry leaders as users who can access and manage their areas of the database is invaluable. We have just added the Rotas module, and the automated reminders have already proved their worth.
The integration with TxtLocal is fantastic - and I look forward to integration with Mailchimp in the near future!
We haven't gone 'public' yet - but we're planning to roll out the public side over the next couple of months.
Having spent hours of time in the small hours scouring the web for a functional and affordable church member management system, I am certain that this one is the best value for money there is. I would recommend it highly to my friends and colleagues.

Graham Hunter
St John's Hoxton | Vicar
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