Review: Jeremy Dowd
Very useful system, streets ahead of what we had before.

We're very pleased with ChurchSuite in our first six months' experience.

At the start of 2018, one of our reasons for changing our church management system was the impending GDPR deadline, and ChurchSuite has greatly helped us become compliant with the regulations. But more than that, we've found that most of ChurchSuite's features are streets ahead of what we had before.

We've successfully migrated the membership records from our old system. The import function was relatively simple to use and very effective.

We've been experimenting with rotas and events,.

Wnd in 2019 we hope to start using child check-in, gift aid, online donations and My ChurchSuite.
We're also working on a new website that will have embedded ChurchSuite functionality. Exciting times ahead!

Jeremy Dowd
Orangefield Presbyterian Church | Volunteer Church Coordinator
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