Review: Ben Palm
Makes ministry possible in ways I never imagined

One of the hardest things about ministry is people falling through the cracks. Whether they're regular attenders, members, visitors, or new believers, it's difficult to keep track of them all and how they're doing. More importantly, it's hard among a team of leaders to keep track of who is following up with whom, and how different meetings with people went.

Enter ChurchSuite. They make it so easy to keep up to date on the people of your church. They also make it easy to get metrics, get an overview of church health in different areas, and put useful information into the hands of your leaders.
Steve* had written a note to the church back in October. This was his first time contacting our church. I wrote him back, answering his questions, giving him a little more info about the church, and offering answers to any other questions he had. I put his info into ChurchSuite, added him to a Follow Up flow, and waited for a response. He didn't write back.
A few months later, I got a reminder from ChurchSuite to contact Steve again. I did, and he was thrilled I had contacted him. He showed up for church that Sunday, and attended our men's small group the next Thursday. Had I not had ChurchSuite, I don't know if I would have been reminded to follow up with Steve.
The people at ChurchSuite work really hard to innovate and push ChurchSuite forward while fixing bugs quickly and responding to questions on a daily basis. They are wonderful to work with and understand the needs of ministries.
ChurchSuite has revolutionized how we do ministry. I don't know what we'd do without it.
*name changed for privacy.

Ben Palm
Neighborhood Bible Church | Associate Pastor to Youth and Families
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