Review: Louise Wills
Excellent - wouldn't be without it now

I am the warden of a small Anglican church which is one of four in a team parish. I got CS in early 2018, because I was concerned that the way we stored and used information was not GDPR-appropriate.

Just having the address book has been wonderful - we got people to renew their details, and now use that to send out our notices etc. As of April 2018, all our gifting information is in that module, and we can do the gift aid return now at the press of a button!! We have sorted out our rotas, our calendar is finally sorted out and exported to our website, where it looks great, and the next step is starting to use the children module.
The great thing is how user-friendly and intuitive it all is, because none of us are very IT-savvy, and the helpdesk is just wonderful - questions answered in full very quickly. Every time a new admin issue comes up (how to handle DBS renewals or do the 2019 full electoral roll review etc) CS seems to have a way to help. I can't praise it highly enough!

Louise Wills
St Mark's Church, Hitchin | Church Warden
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