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Review: Simon Holley
An outstanding resource for a growing church

I spent years working in IT before leading King's Arms Church in Bedford and the lack of quality UK based software to act as a backbone for church organisation has been a desperate issue. We have probably reviewed in detail ten of the top systems from across the world but they all fell short in many ways. Some were too complex and most were not UK compatible (dates american-formatted, no idea of gift aid, not compliant with UK data protection or child protection etc). Other systems were UK compliant but were written using technology ten years out of date. Others had appalling support and an email to a sales representative could take weeks to get a response. We have limped on as a church with spreadsheets and other manual systems because we did not want to commit to a system that would ultimately slow us down.

Then we found ChurchSuite! It truly is a superb piece of work and it is going to be a major structural backbone for us as we press through to 1500 people and beyond.

Finally a web-based product with amazing support; they often fix issues on the same day, always respond and actually seem to care what you think about the product. It is UK compliant and understands gift aid, data protection, child protection and has UK formatted dates! It is built on up to date technology and rather than just storing information actually helps you lead, strategise and communicate in a large church setting.

Where do people live who are not part of a group? ChurchSuite will tell you and help with the strategy for where new groups are needed. Who has leadership gifting and is not part of a group? ChurchSuite can tell you. Which serving teams are my future leaders part of and who is working with them? ChurchSuite can tell you. From the basic management of people, to securely managing giving, to communicating with the church, to identifying and connecting with groups of people right across the church; it is such a powerful tool.

There are a few modules and features that are still under development. However, from what I've seen so far, I am confident that this company and product are going to deliver over the long haul the best church centric platform certainly in the UK and maybe even in the world. There is nothing else out there quite like it. Watch this space!

Simon Holley
King's Arms Church, Bedford | Lead Elder
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