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Customer Review Church Management Software review by Debbie Edwards.

ChurchSuite was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 158 reviews so far

ChurchSuite is amazing. Information is now consolidated in one place, increasing our ability to contact more of the church family and wider contacts more consistently.

Rating: https://churchsuite.com/reviews ChurchSuite 5  

We have really enjoyed using ChurchSuite. We initially got overexcited by the potential, and trialled all the modules, but have stripped that back now to Address Book, Children and Bookings modules.

We have a lot of occasional offices, so Bookings is great for logging all the necessary details for baptism/wedding/burial registers. We didn't have a database of contact details before ChurchSuite, and found the introduction of GDPR a helpful prompt to start to pull this together in one place, rather than relying on person A to have X's contact details, and person B to have Y's details.

Tagging is fantastically useful. When we launched a new youth group, we were able to tell ChurchSuite to find all the children in Y6 - Y13, and email their parents - it took about 10 minutes tops! Worth every penny.

Debbie Edwards, Diocesan/Deanery Synod Rep | United Benefice of Knockholt with Halstead

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ChurchSuite is making a huge difference for our Church.

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Ian Gray, Pastor | Kościół Chrystus dla Wszystkich

An efficient and well maintained site that has made church life much easier to co-ordinate.

Rating: https://churchapp.co.uk ChurchApp 5  

Shelley Gregory, Co Ordinator/Adminstrator | Refresh Church

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