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Following the large number of requests we've had from people at the Vineyard Churches' National Leaders Conference, we're delighted to make available for free download the Twitter web page we built. The web page pulls in the latest tweets from a #hashtag that you define, and then cycles through them in a format that's ideal for projection.

In the attached ZIP file, you'll find two different styles that ChurchApp provided for the Cause to Live For 2011 conference and the National Leaders' Conference 2012. You can customise the look and feel of the free twitter presentation so that it matches exactly with the branding of your event.

Simply edit the file index.html in a text editor and set your #hashtag and duration options in the code from line 33:

var Stweem = new Class({null 	options: {
'displayResults': 6
'newTweetBgFrom': '#FFF101'
'newTweetBgTo': '#000000'
'newTweetDuration': '600'
'query': '#vineyardnlc'
'refreshRate': 30000
'showDuration': 5000
'sinceId': null
'tweetsUl': 'tweets'

Enjoy using the script, and don't forget to tweet through your pictures of it in action!

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