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How ChurchSuite supports
Alistair Kent, Pastor at The Rock Church, reviews ChurchSuite, calling it the promised land of church database software.

Small Groups software for leaders

Ensure every member receives pastoral care

It can be a challenge to build a small groups ministry where every church member receives pastoral care through a small group. But ChurchSuite provides you with tools that will help.

For instance: matching church members who do not attend a group with groups that meet nearby is a seemingly complex task that only takes a few clicks in ChurchSuite.

Support your small group leaders

Whether it is easily communicating with your small group leaders or building up a support structure of Cluster leaders – ChurchSuite has tools that will help pastors in any size church to support their small group leaders.

ChurchSuite can even assist with tasks such as spotting potential leaders for new small groups.

Gain access to excellent reports and statistics

Small Groups pastors love ChurchSuite. Whether it is for organising and structuring your church's small groups, enabling people to sign up to groups, publicising your groups or recruiting new leaders:

The Small Groups module is an invaluable strategic tool for the small groups ministry in your church.

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