Case Study:
How ChurchSuite supports
Church member
Chris Driver, Website and Database Manager at St Paul's Church, St Albans, says, ChurchSuite has helped deliver events with complex needs, making it easy to accept donations, simplifying rotas, and making life easier for our volunteers!

Giving module for church members

More insight into your giving

How much am I giving? A surprising number of people find themselves unable to answer this question! The mobile app makes it easy to keep track.

Staying on top of your giving helps you give joyfully and actively – even if the actual amount leaves your account automatically. You're in control as you generously support your church.

Online giving made easy

The easier it is to give and to make changes to your giving, the better. ChurchSuite Donate - the online giving system that comes as part of the Giving module removes the hurdles!

It's easy to use, convenient yet secure, and the best news is that it's built right into the app on your phone!

Benefit from being part of a well-run church

The ChurchSuite Giving module helps church administrators and church leaders to plan well, helps church members to support the church financially, and ultimately helps the church advance its mission.

In the end, everyone benefits from a well-run church – its members as well as the community it serves!

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