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Great to centrally record and access all our church info!

Small Groups software for church members

Find your friends' details

If you've ever realised at the last minute that you don't have your friend's new address just as you're about to visit them, you're not alone. Or maybe you're keen to send that new person in the group an encouraging message and a Bible verse that God has put on your heart.

No worries – just go to your small group page in the ChurchSuite app and find your friend's new address, or the new person's telephone number, right there!

Group messaging built in

Small Groups at their best are like families, doing life together, sharing, praying, encouraging. We've built group communication right into the app, so church members can connect with the group on their phones.

Group members getting left out of small group life if they're not on certain platforms is a real danger – but ChurchSuite group messaging works for everyone.

Sign up to your group from within the app

With ChurchSuite, signing up to a small group of your choice is quick and easy – you can do it from the comfort of your phone.

We believe that small groups are a tremendously important part of church life. Making it easy to sign up to groups facilitates healthy and supportive community within your church.


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