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Rotas module for church members

"Get stuck in" and serve, instead of "getting stuck"

Are you passionate about your church's mission and vision but often frustrated about "getting stuck" due to lack of organisation or the difficulty of finding a replacement when you go on holiday?

The Rotas module solves many of those problems. For instance, it makes swapping with other team members super easy.

Get a reminder each time it's your turn

For many of us it can be hard to juggle all the varying commitments we have. A friendly reminder a few days before it's our turn to serve can certainly be helpful!

ChurchSuite lets churches send automated reminders by email or SMS to each person whose turn it is to serve.

Benefit from being part of a well-run church

When churches are easily able to avoid rota clashes, everyone wins. Simultaneously assigning a volunteer to two different teams or a date when they're actually away will be a thing of the past.

And when it is easy to serve, more people get stuck in, which everyone benefits from!

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Church members
For church members it can sometimes feel that, even though they want to "get stuck in" and serve, they "get stuck" due to inefficient processes. ChurchSuite is here to help!
It's simple, it's clean, it works and does everything you need it to do
Matt Cornish
Hope Church Ipswich | Operations Manager
Makes our daily, weekly, annual, and one-off work flows for managing our church so much easier
Daniel Bishop
St Saviour's Church, Guildford | Operations Director
Ideal for communications, teams and rotas in our parish
Rev Steve Stewart
Cove Parish | Associate Rector
It made my life as a children's pastor so much easier
Jaynie Kendall
St. Giles' and St. George's Ashtead | Leader of Children and Families
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