More improvements in the Bookings module
A quick list of some of the work that has happened since we launched the updated Bookings module in February
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We launched some big updates to the Bookings module in February - but while we were pleased to have reached that milestone, this doesn't mean we're happy to rest on our laurels! Listening to customer feedback is always important to us - and has helped us as we seek to further improve the module. Here's a quick list of some of the work that has happened since then:

When booking resources clash with each other

We've pushed live an update that makes it easier to see when booking resources have a clash. Now, when you're viewing your booking's resources, you'll be able to see a yellow block that shows you how a resource clashes with another booking. In order to see all the details, just click on the resource!

A handy "Add date" button

When adding a Booking, there are times when you just need to add a manual, adhoc date that is not part of a repeating date pattern to your booking sequence. To this end, we've added an "Add date" button, which lets you do just that. These adhoc dates can be added alongside a repeating pattern, giving complete freedom over the dates within your sequence.

Add multiple resources at once to your booking

We've added a feature that lets you add multiple resources at once to a booking. This has the potential to save quite a bit of time! Simply click the "Add resource" button and then choose all of the resources you want to add from the drop-down list and they'll all be added in one go. When you're working with a booking sequence, you can even choose to add all of your selected resources to the entire booking sequence!

An easier way to add a new customer

We've made further improvements to the workflow for adding customers while adding a booking. When adding a booking, you no longer have to leave the 'Add booking' pop-up to add a new customer. Instead, you can simply click 'Add' within the pop-up to add a new customer on the go, before carrying on with adding the other booking details.

We hope you'll find these improvements useful. We always love to hear how people are using ChurchSuite and are constantly working on honing and improving things!

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