Ongoing Updates: 30th August - 2nd December 2019
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 30th August - 2nd December 2019.


  • 28-Nov-2019 - Ministries, teams and roles get a complete makeover

    We've given ministries, teams and roles in the Rotas module a complete makeover - now they're easier to work with than ever before!

    Ministries, teams and roles are now added and managed through pop-up modals, so you don't lose the place you're working when making simple changes.

    The ministry "View" page has been transformed too! Roles are now managed entirely on the ministry "View", where you can now set each ministry's role order independently. The "teams" tab makes managing teams, members and assigned roles considerably easier. Make sure you check out the new 'inline role editor' for team members - assigning and changing roles 'in view', giving you a cleaner, clearer interface.

    When making changes to ministry teams, we've made the whole process of optionally updating existing rotas much smarter, so that only relevant rotas are shown.

    When duplicating a ministry, you can now optionally choose to duplicate the ministry's teams (inc. members), overseers and reminders.

    When adding a new ministry we now add default teams based on the ministry's rotation to help newer users get started.

    Importantly, My ChurchSuite has been updated to be consistent with all these updates in ChurchSuite.

  • 22-Nov-2019 - Adding dates from services

    Christmas rotas just got a little easier - you can now set ad hoc serving start times when selecting rotas to add to a new service date from the service view.

    This means that from the service view, when adding dates to an existing service for special ad hoc events like a carol service or Christmas Day, you can now set the serving start times for each rota that you add - ideal for letting your teams arrive a little later than usual.

  • 14-Nov-2019 - User Connect permissions

    We've tweaked user permissions for ChurchSuite Connect, meaning that a user now requires Connect permissions for a module in order to see/use the Connect application. Previously, a user with Manage permissions for a module would see the Connect application. Now, a user must have explicit Connect permissions for a Connect module in order to see the module's application.

  • 07-Nov-2019 - Customer imports

    We've updated our customer importer so that it gives you error feedback as well as being more efficient.

  • 07-Nov-2019 - Declaration updates

    We've modernised declarations in the Giving module, making it easier to add, edit and manage them.

  • 07-Nov-2019 - Pledge updates

    We've modernised pledges in the Giving module, making it easier to add, edit and manage them.

  • 06-Nov-2019 - Event overseers

    We've improved event overseers, making it possible to choose which receive sign-up notifications and easier sequence management. Event overseers are now managed when viewing an event and for sequence events, you can choose whether to apply add/remove actions to just one event or the whole sequence.

  • 01-Nov-2019 - Ministry role updates

    We've modernised the way roles are managed in the Roles section of the Rotas module, making it easier to add and edit ministry roles in a pop-up modal - meaning you don't lose your place when working in a long list of roles.

  • 01-Nov-2019 - Inline small group role editing

    We've added inline role editing to small group member lists to make it even easier to assign roles to group members. Working from a group's Members list, simply tick the action checkbox of one or more group members to enable the inline role editor, select roles as appropriate, then click to save the changes.


  • 20-Nov-2019 - Child Check-In "Print test"

    We've added a new feature to the child check-in Admin section, allowing you to print a test badge for either a child or team member. When setting up the check-in system for the first time or running a weekly printer test, it's often handy to have a test badge to check that everything's working as expected - this new addition will give you exactly what you're looking for!

​If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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