Ongoing Updates: 4th January - 14th February 2019
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 4th January - 15th February 2019.


  • 13-Feb-2019 - Service notes in rota iCal feeds

    My Rotas iCal feeds now include Service Notes, so you rota members see your rota-specific notes and the service note in their personal calendar.

  • 05-Feb-2019 - Table Generator report for Small Groups module

    We've added a Table Generator report to the Small Groups module, consistent with other modules, enabling you to create custom reports on your small groups. You can choose which fields of data you would like as columns in the table, and then filter the report by date range, cluster and group tags; and then print or download the results.

  • 04-Feb-2019 - Small Groups Visibility Report

    We've add a Visibility report to the Small Groups module, making it quick and easy to view and change the visibility settings for multiple groups in a single page.

  • 04-Feb-2019 - Group Tags filter on the Monthly Breakdown report

    We've added a Group Tags filter to the Monthly Breakdown report in the Small Groups module's report section - ideal for filtering the report's results for all groups (the default), or for certain types of groups based on group tags.

  • 01-Feb-2019 - HMTL editor "source code" tool has moved

    The "Source code" tool in the HTML editor has moved and is now a "right-click" menu option.

  • 24-Jan-2019 - User group visibility

    We've added an option for user groups to set whether they are visible to users outside of that group or not. You might allow a group to be visible so that people can add notes that are only visible to a Pastoral Care user group.

  • 21-Jan-2019 - Disabling rota clashes

    When adding or editing a rota, it's now possible to disable (or re-enable) rota date clashes. Disabling data clashes will prevent that rota from detecting and alerting clashes with any other rota - ideal for things like the Readers rota or Communion rota where it's perfectly possible for people to be serving on other rotas at the same date/time and still do the readings and serve communion, without a clash actually occurring. Disabling rota clashes will only disable date/time clashes - unavailability clashes will continue to be detected on the rota.

  • 18-Jan-2019 - Rota expiry reminders

    We now send rota expiry reminder notifications to ministry overseers. To do this we find published rotas that are expiring either 1, 2 or 4 weeks from the current date. We then look for rotas from the same ministry/site, matching the same serving times and same service. If we find any rotas matching those criteria, we take them to be the follow-on rotas and therefore don't send a reminder.

  • 17-Jan-2019 - Rotas "Serving at this time" on event pages

    When viewing an event's page in the Calendar module, we now show any rotas that are running at the time of the event in the meta information on the right-hand side of the page. If a rota is assigned to a service, we show and link to the Service (rather than each individual rota), otherwise we show and link to the rota - clicking on it takes you to a filtered Rotas module's Overview report.

  • 17-Jan-2019 - Small Groups visibility report

    We've added a Visibility report to the Small Groups module. Working just like the Calendar module equivalent for events, this report enables you to view and edit the visibility of all your small groups in one simple report.

  • 17-Jan-2019 - Searchable presets

    We've added an intuitive search option to the Presets list within the Administrator and User area to make it easier to find particular presets within a long lists - the list of matching presets auto-filters as you type in the search field.

  • 17-Jan-2019 - Donation notes

    We now surface donation notes in the Donation Total and Gift Aid Donation reports in the Giving module. A 'hover-over' note icon shows in the on-screen report results and the full note is included in the CSV download.

  • 17-Jan-2019 - Ending Gift Aid declarations in My Giving

    For UK customers only, givers can now "end" an active Gift Aid declaration in the My Giving section of My ChurchSuite - ideal if their personal tax circumstances changes and they need you to cease claiming Gift Aid on their donations.

  • 14-Jan-2019 - My sites

    If you're using multiple sites and have access to more than one but not all sites, you will now see a 'My Sites' option. Choosing this option will allow you to view all of the sites you have access to at once.

  • 14-Jan-2019 - User Group Signatures

    We've added email signatures to user groups. Now, when sending an email, just as the 'From' name and email changes when you select a user group, the email's signature will also be updated.

  • 10-Jan-2019 - Viewing leave for different leave setup periods

    When viewing a user's list of Leave bookings in the Calendar module, we've added a "Leave Setups" filter to the summary information shown on right hand side of the page, enabling you to filter a user's list for past, current and future leave setup periods. Now you can more easily see next year's leave bookings and entitlement remaining.

  • 04-Jan-2019 - Improved HMRC spouse validation

    We've improved our detection of errors that HMRC could report relating to a giver's spouse details. With these changes in place, we now detect the errors within ChurchSuite before a Gift Aid claim is submitted, meaning you should see fewer errors on submission to HMRC.

  • 04-Jan-2019 - Repeat Rota now shows when adding a rota

    You can now override a ministry's "Repeat Rota" default setting when adding a new rota. This will help in settings where the same ministry has some rotas that repeat every week for one service, but repeat differently for another service. Previously a user had to edit the ministry and change the repeat rota setting before adding the rotas for services with different repeats.

​If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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