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ChurchSuite Advent Competition - Win a Christmas hamper!
Robin Staple | December 3, 2018 | Advent

ChurchSuite Advent Competition - Win a Christmas hamper!
At ChurchSuite, we understand that the pre-Christmas season can be a busy time for lots of churches. He's the reason for the season, so of course we want the season to be all about Him!
Nonetheless, we have allowed the theme of our annual Christmas competitions - which have become a tradition of sorts - to deal with the more trivial - or mundane - aspects of the season: Important topics have been addressed, such as Christmas jumpers, or limericks. Winners have revelled in their tasty rewards.
This year will be no different! We are launching our competition today on Facebook! Three weeks in a row, always on Monday, we will post a new question on our Facebook page. Starting each Monday you have until the end of the week to answer. Each week, we will choose a (random) winner. And each week, the winner's church (office) team will receive a bountiful collection of Christmas goodies, bringing much needed strength and nourishment during what is, after all, a very busy time for many churches.
So - why wait? Head on over to our Facebook page to answer the first question!
Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite