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Ongoing Updates: 22nd February - 28th March 2018
Richard Hollis | March 28, 2018 | ChurchSuite Updates

Ongoing Updates: 22nd February - 28th March 2018

We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 22nd February - 28th March 2018.


  • 27-Mar-2018 Editing small groupsWe've removed member editing from the smallgroup edit screen and have made the members fully editable from the smallgroup view screen. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/53-adding-people-to-small-groups
  • 22-Mar-2018 Deleting usersWe've updated the process through which you delete a user, adding in an additional stage that confirms what data will be deleted so that you know exactly what will happen. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/126-creating-new-users
  • 09-Mar-2018 Pledge recent changes reportWe've added a new "Recent Changes" report to the Pledges section of the Giving module report to help users stay on top of all the changes that users or givers make to pledges. When a giver edits or cancels a pledge, or changes their payment card, change logs are recorded on the giver's profile and these changes are also included in the results of this new report. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/114-accepting-online-donations
  • 09-Mar-2018 Managing regular online donationsGivers can now manage their own regular online donations (both card and direct debit), without needing to contact the church office. When a giver sets up a new recurring card or direct debit donation using ChurchSuite Donate, they'll receive a confirmation with a "Manage giving" link embedded within the email. Givers can easily edit or cancel their pledge, or change their payment card. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/114-accepting-online-donations
  • 08-Mar-2018 Module PasswordsYou can now assign a password to all ChurchSuite modules, in the same way that you are currently able to for the Giving module. We've also added a password strength indicator when setting a module password. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/471-setting-a-password-for-a-module
  • 08-Mar-2018 Additional rota rotation patternsWhen adding a Simple Rotation rota, you're now able to define more complex rotations patterns, e.g. each team serves for a whole month or each team serves for 3 consecutive dates. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/52-how-to-create-a-rota
  • 06-Mar-2018 CSV DownloadsWhen downloading multi-page reports as CSV's you now get all pages in your CSV file, rather than just the current page of data.
  • 05-Mar-2018 Communicating with refunded event signupsWe've added Communication actions to the Refunds tab of events in the Calendar module. When viewing an event with sign-up refunds you can easily send an email or SMS, perhaps to let everyone know that a refund has been processed, or to advise an alternative event date if the original event has been cancelled. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/340-refunding-event-tickets
  • 28-Feb-2018 Giver Batch ActionsYou can now perform an archive and delete batch action against givers on the giver index page. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/470-using-batch-actions-to-perform-bulk-updates-to-data
  • 28-Feb-2018 Delete in a batchWe have added the ability to delete multiple selected objects on our main index pages. These are called batch actions and currently we have rolled out delete batch actions for; contacts, children, events, small groups, bookings, booking customers, rotas and rota ministries. We'll be adding more batch actions in the future! https://support.churchsuite.com/article/470-using-batch-actions-to-perform-bulk-updates-to-data
  • 28-Feb-2018 "Active & Future" filteringFor groups and rotas, it can often be useful to see both the currently active groups alongside those that will be starting soon also. Within the Small Groups and Rotas module, we now default the view to "Active & Future", which shows both; filters still remain to be able to see just "Active" or just "Future" data. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/63-adding-a-new-small-group
  • 27-Feb-2018 Middle and formal namesYou can now opt to show the middle and formal name fields in My Details. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/132-managing-newcomers-with-address-book-connect
  • 27-Feb-2018 Child optional fieldsThe following child fields are now optional and can be hidden on your account: school, special needs, doctor details and additional information. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/29-adding-a-new-contact-to-your-address-book
  • 22-Feb-2018 Clearer sign-up settings for Small GroupsWe've made the language for sign-up settings for small groups much clearer and more consistent with the similar user experience for event sign-up settings. The previous "Sign up online" has been replaced with "Sign up through group page", which serves as a master setting that determines if sign-up is enabled for the group. The other settings then make it possible to sign up through your other sources like My ChurchSuite, Connect and Embed. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/63-adding-a-new-small-group
  • 22-Feb-2018 Gift Aid & Tax Deductible givingWe've updated our list of countries and regions where Gift Aid and Tax Deductible giving are available. When using Donate, the Gift Aid claim section will no longer show for churches in Jersey, similarly the Tax Deductible options will no longer for churches outside of North America. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/119-reclaiming-gift-aid
  • 22-Feb-2018 Booking charge confirmation emailsWe now always send booking charge confirmation emails to ensure double confirmation and best compliance with GDPR. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/426-booking-charges
  • 22-Feb-2018 Recursion detection in smart tagsWe've added some recursion detection to ensure you can never find yourself in an infinite loop with smart tags. If a smart tag references another smart tag which references the original smart tag we'll display an error and the tag will be created with no people in it. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/37-smart-tags



My ChurchSuite

  • 27-Mar-2018 My GroupsIn My ChurchSuite group leaders, with permissions, can now edit group members and their roles when viewing the group. We've made the group edit screen cleaner too. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/53-adding-people-to-small-groups
  • 16-Mar-2018 Right to be forgottenThrough the My Details section of My ChurchSuite, a contact can request that they be forgotten, inline with GDPR requirements. When a contact click the "Forget me" link, they're provided with a popup box that they have to confirm before the action takes place. Once submitted, the contact is logged out of My ChurchSuite and prevented from doing so in the future. An email is sent to the church Data Protection contact to advise them of the request and a key date is added against the contact; no data is automatically deleted - this request triggers the workflow that should be completed by the Data Protection contact. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/107-managing-privacy-settings-in-my-churchsuite
  • 09-Mar-2018 Giver can now manage their regular online donations in My ChurchSuiteGivers can now manage their own regular online donations (both card and direct debit) within the My Giving section of My ChurchSuite, without needing to contact the church office. Each "recurring online donation" pledge includes a "Manage giving" button to enable giver to easily edit or cancel their pledge, or change their payment card. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/114-accepting-online-donations
  • 08-Mar-2018 Additional rota rotation patternsWhen ministry overseers add a new Simple Rotation rota in My Rotas, they're now able to define more complex rotations patterns, e.g. each team serves for a whole month or each team serves for 3 consecutive dates. https://support.churchsuite.com/article/361-managing-my-rotas-in-my-churchsuite

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Richard Hollis, ChurchSuite