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Ongoing Updates: 14th July - 9th August 2017
Richard Hollis | August 9, 2017 | ChurchSuite Updates

Ongoing Updates: 14th July - 9th August 2017

We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 14th July - 9th August 2017.


  • 09-Aug-2017 Improved paginationIt's often the small things that can make a big difference, so we've spent some time working on our pagination, making it as flexible as possible. We've improved both the layout and the interface, and also introduced the ability to choose how many results you want to see per page, which is remembered as you move throughout ChurchSuite.
  • 09-Aug-2017 Child Check-In VisitorsWhen checking in visitor children using the Child Check-in system, you can now specify sex as 'unknown' where the child's sex is unknown, or where a parent prefers not specify the child's sex. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/392-child-check-in
  • 09-Aug-2017 Flow custom field actionsYou can now add actions to edit custom fields for your contacts in Flows - ideal for assigning new custom field values when processing people through your newcomer integration Flow, or recording valuable DBS information as part of the renewal process in your DBS Flow. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/154-flows
  • 08-Aug-2017 Branded event categoriesYou can now assign a brand to an event category. All event pages of any events within that category will show in that brand. Any confirmation emails and emails to signups also take on the brands styling. Great for styling all events for a certain ministry in a consistent way. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/62-how-to-personalise-the-appearance-of-your-churchsuite-account
  • 08-Aug-2017 Archive ministriesYou can now archive ministries within ChurchSuite! Archiving a ministry simply moves the ministry into the "archived" view when on the Ministry list page, as well as removing it from ministry-related reports. This will not remove or change how active rotas on these ministries function. This means you can archive a ministry without affecting active rotas with dates remaining. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/52-how-to-create-a-rota
  • 07-Aug-2017 Custom small group frequenciesWe've added a 'custom' option to the frequency selector for small groups. Setting the frequency as 'custom' will give you a text box to describe the custom pattern for which the group meets e.g. "1st and 3rd Friday at 8pm (term time only)". http://support.churchsuite.com/article/63-adding-a-new-small-group
  • 04-Aug-2017 Add unavailability with user leaveWe've added a check box for auto-adding rota unavailability for any Contacts linked to a User when adding calendar leave. Really handy for staff members and ChurchSuite users who serve on rotas. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/378-rota-unavailability?#leave
  • 04-Aug-2017 ImportsWhen importing contacts, children and givers a default tag of "Import [date and time]" is added to them. This makes it easier to view the newly imported people, and delete them if the import didn't go as expected. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/11-import-your-data-into-churchsuite
  • 03-Aug-2017 Child icons on search suggestionsWe've added some child icons to children on search suggestions in ChurchSuite where both children and contacts are searchable - for example, when adding unavailability or adding to a team in a ministry, or when adding to a small group. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/53-adding-people-to-small-groups
  • 03-Aug-2017 Child icons on reportsWe've been through all of our reports and made sure that whenever contacts and children and combined in the report results (i.e. Rotas module and Small Groups module reports) that a child icon is shown for children.
  • 03-Aug-2017 Child icons on rota datesWe've added some helpful child icons to children who serve on rotas. Really helpful to see, at a glance, which of your team members are under 18. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/52-how-to-create-a-rota
  • 03-Aug-2017 Add to Tag from child years reportWe've added an 'Add to Tag' action on the Years report in the Children's module http://support.churchsuite.com/article/362-get-a-list-of-all-children-in-the-same-school-year-or-calendar-year
  • 03-Aug-2017 Forwarding emails from Children communication reportWe've added a "forward email" action to communication in the communication report in the Children's module. Now you can resend an email which has been sent to a child, perhaps to send to different recipients if you wish. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/425-communicating-to-individuals-and-groups-through-churchsuite
  • 02-Aug-2017 Live booking clash reportingWe now check for booking clashes whilst you're creating and editing bookings, not just when you save a booking. We also now show clash information on booking view, so you can more easily identify where clashes are happening when viewing any booking. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/232-booking-clashes
  • 02-Aug-2017 Site column on tablesIf you use our multi-site feature we've made ChurchSuite more usable by adding a site column to our tables, such that you see the site name listed against each entry. Tables show the abbreviated initials of the site name, but hovering your mouse over the site will reveal the full site name. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/216-multi-site-functionality
  • 01-Aug-2017 New Smart Tag conditions for contacts with linked childrenWithin the Address Book, you can now add "children" conditions for selecting contacts with linked children; in an age range, of a sex, in a gathering and in a group. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/37-smart-tags
  • 01-Aug-2017 Key Date description within FlowsWe've added in the ability to add a Key Date description when you're processing someone through a flow. We've also made some usability tweaks so that you only see the additional options, e.g. key date field or group selector, if you've selected that action to be run. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/154-flows
  • 01-Aug-2017 Location map clustersWe've removed pagination and added some cluster icons to maps where there are a large number of contacts. Clicking on them will zoom in on the area allowing you to see the exact location of the contacts. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/334-view-your-address-book-contacts-locations-on-a-map
  • 01-Aug-2017 Import now accepts Key Date descriptionsWhen importing contacts or children, you can now specify a description for a Key Date. For example, with a CSV column header of 'kd_Pastoral Visit', and values in the format '31/01/2017 Pete & Rosemary', a Key Date called Pastoral Visit dated 31/01/2017 will be added with 'Pete & Rosemary' in the description. A valid dd/mm/yyyy date format followed by a space and then the description should be specified. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/11-import-your-data-into-churchsuite
  • 01-Aug-2017 Unavailability on 'Add to date'We've added some handy red strike-throughs for people who are unavailable for a date within ChurchSuite. Now if a rota member can't do a date you'll know before you try to allocate them to the rota. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/378-rota-unavailability
  • 01-Aug-2017 Flow send SMSYou can now personalise your SMS's whilst processing contacts through flows in the Address Book. This works in a similar way to the Email personalise feature. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/154-flows
  • 26-Jul-2017 New default for child communication - send to parentWe've made the option to 'Send to Parent' the default action for communicating with a child. It's far more common to need to communicate with the parent of a minor. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/425-communicating-to-individuals-and-groups-through-churchsuite
  • 26-Jul-2017 Add to tag/key date actions on contact and child profilesWe've added handy 'add to tag' and 'add to key date' buttons to the contact view and child view. Really helpful to quickly add a contact to a tag or assign a key date.
  • 26-Jul-2017 Children Group RegisterWhen printing out the register for a children's group you now have an option to order by first name, which will change the column headings so that the first is "First Name", followed by "Last Name", with the children correctly ordered in the register. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/166-printing-registers-for-manual-child-check-in
  • 25-Jul-2017 Account-level Data Protection StatementWe've added a new account-level Data Protection statement, which is available to edit under Administrator > Profile. Once you've added in the statement, it will be made available from the footer of the page on any member-facing pages throughout ChurchSuite where it's possible to submit personal information, such as event and group sign-up, child check-in visitor registration and the embeddable "My Details" form. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/428-case-study-gdpr-data-protection-whitepaper
  • 25-Jul-2017 Report SearchWe've added a handy search box to the top of all report index pages. With more and more reports being added to ChurchSuite all the time we thought it was about time we gave you an easy way to find the report you're looking for!
  • 20-Jul-2017 Draggable map pins in Google mapsYou can now change the position of map pins on Google maps for contacts, children, small groups and calendar events - ideal if the map pin isn't quite in precise location. Changing a pin location for an address will also update on all maps throughout the system where that same address (first line and postcode/zipcode) is used. Note, changing a pin location doesn't change the address. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/458-google-map-pin-locations-in-churchsuite
  • 17-Jul-2017 Clickable URLs in Bookings and RotasWe've made a number of small improvements in how we handle user-entered content for booking question responses and rota date notes. In particular, any URLs that are entered as part of a booking question response or a rota note are now clickable.


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Post by Richard Hollis

Richard Hollis, ChurchSuite