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Ongoing Updates: 25th May - 13th July 2017
Richard Hollis | July 13, 2017 | ChurchSuite Updates

Ongoing Updates: 25th May - 13th July 2017

We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchSuite, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchSuite between 25th May - 13th July 2017.


My ChurchSuite

  • 08-Jun-2017 My Rotas UnavailabilityYou can now access My Rotas, in order to add unavailability, if you are a member of a ministry but do not have an active rota. This will allow you to flag unavailability with your ministry overseers whilst they are working on building the newest set of rotas. http://support.churchsuite.com/article/378-rota-unavailability



  • 12-Jun-2017 API DocumentationOur API documentation hasn't changed but it has now been moved to https://github.com/ChurchSuite. Please make sure you update your bookmarks. https://github.com/ChurchSuite

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Post by Richard Hollis

Richard Hollis, ChurchSuite