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Ongoing Updates: 2nd August - 15th September 2016
Richard Hollis | September 15, 2016 | ChurchSuite Updates

Ongoing Updates: 2nd August - 15th September 2016

We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 2nd August - 15th September 2016.


  • 15-Sep-2016 Auto suggest details for visitor parents with multiple children in check-inIf a visitor checks in a child in one group and then goes to check in a second child at a different group we now auto suggest their details to save them typing them in twice. A nice little way to speed up the check-in process! http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/329-checking-in-a-visitor
  • 15-Sep-2016 New "full group" button in small group embedWhen people sign up to your small groups through embed, and the group is at capacity, we've made it much clearer to people why they can't sign up. The "Sign Up" button now changes to "This group is full" and the button click is disabled (instead of showing no button, which was confusing some people).
  • 13-Sep-2016 Hidden event tickets & private linksWe've added the ability to create hidden tickets for an event. You can then create and distribute a private link for an event with a custom choice of tickets. Perfect for providing a different price to team members or volunteers, for example. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/337-adding-tickets-to-your-events
  • 12-Sep-2016 Managing children visitor detailsIt's now possible to edit the details of visiting children that were created through ChurchApp's child check-in system. The Visitor report in the Children module makes it easy for you to edit the record, perhaps to correct a spelling mistake or add in an important medical note. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/280-managing-visitor-information-from-child-check-in
  • 09-Sep-2016 Country Smart Tag conditionWe've now added a "Country" Smart Tag condition to the Address Book and Giving module. Like Postcode/Zipcode, the condition accepts Regular Expressions so you can match on Country Code or Country Name if you wish. Ideal for comms to your overseas mailing list contacts and missionaries! http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/37-smart-tags
  • 08-Sep-2016 Visibility icons for eventsThe event list now includes additional icons to indicate 'featured' and 'restricted by tag' events. The Calendar > Events page provides a quick indicator of the visibility of each of your events at a glance. Hover your mouse over an icon to get a pop-up description - visible in My ChurchApp, featured events, embed and tag-restricted in My ChurchApp. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/299-controlling-the-visibility-of-your-events
  • 08-Sep-2016 New role control in rotasAs well as the system getting smarter about roles, we've also added a new quick and easy 'pop up' for adding/editing serving roles on rotas. Less clicks for the same effect! The new pop up role selector replaces the dropdown list role selector and now aligns with My ChurchApp. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/323-working-with-rotas-in-churchapp-once-theyre-created
  • 07-Sep-2016 New rota role handlingWe've changed the way we auto assign roles within ChurchApp and My ChurchApp. Now if a rota member has a role/s it'll auto-select the role/s when you add them to a date. If a rota member has different roles on different teams within a ministry it'll give you option to choose which role/s you want. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/323-working-with-rotas-in-churchapp-once-theyre-created
  • 05-Sep-2016 Managing events added to your Calendar moduleA new "Date added" report in the Calendar module helps you stay on top of the newly created events being added in the Calendar module. The report can be filtered by a range of dates added and event category. As your ChurchApp users work more collaboratively, this neat little feature will help you manage the events each user is adding. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/98-adding-events-to-your-church-calendar
  • 05-Sep-2016 Statement of Donations report enhancementsWe've further enhanced the Statement of Donations report to visually look more like a letter so that when it's printed the addressee details will show in standard letter window envelopes. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/222-produce-giving-statements-for-your-givers
  • 01-Sep-2016 Child check-in session-level reportingWe've added a new graph generator for comparing and contrasting child check-in Sessions against each other. Filterable by Groups and dates, this report is great for comparing attendance across each of your Sunday services - ideal if you have multiple check-in sessions for a single gathering. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/327-child-attendance-reporting
  • 31-Aug-2016 Default tax deductible fund status for North American churchesFor North American churches you can now set the default tax deductible status for each fund in the Giving module. This will auto-set the tax deductible checkbox when you select a fund from the fund selector when adding individual or batch donations. The checkbox can still be overridden, but this enhancement will help churches who have multiple funds for their revenue streams, some of which are tax deductible while others are not. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/241-support-for-tax-deductible-giving-us-canada
  • 30-Aug-2016 Giving smart tagsWe have now added Smart Tags into the Giving module to allow you to filter reports more powerfully and keep track of donation progress and givers more easily. Among the conditions provided are support for Gift Aid (UK only) and Tax deductible (North America). http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/37-smart-tags
  • 30-Aug-2016 Signup progress reportWe've added a new report to the Calendar module that lets you view signup information for multiple events, filterable by a range of event dates and event categories, as well as showing a line chart for each event to show when the signups were created. Now you can easily track sign-up progress for all your upcoming events, or report back on past event sign-up success - all from the one report. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/383-managing-event-sign-up-progress
  • 26-Aug-2016 Event sign-up communications filteringWe've added the option to further filter the communication you send to event sign-ups. You can filter communication to those sign-ups 'In Address Book' and 'Not in Address Book'. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/349-selective-communication-with-your-event-sign-ups
  • 22-Aug-2016 Small group member changes reportWe've added a new report to the Small Groups module that displays all of the member changes which have happened within your small groups in a given range of dates. You can now see a list of who's left and joined which groups, and in which order. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/381-tracking-small-group-membership
  • 19-Aug-2016 View all signups viewWe've added a new 'View all signups' option to the event view. Clicking on it will give you a huge pop up with comprehensive information about each signup in a sortable table. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/352-overview-of-churchapps-event-sign-up-process
  • 17-Aug-2016 Smart Tag "Is student?" conditionWe've added a new Smart Tag condition to the Address Book module for 'Is Student?'. The condition respects active students who have a past course start date and course end date that has not yet passed. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/37-smart-tags
  • 17-Aug-2016 Smart Tag "In group" conditionWe've added a new Smart Tag condition to the Children module for 'In group'. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/37-smart-tags
  • 17-Aug-2016 Universal module searchThere's a new way to search within ChurchApp that's always available, regardless of the page you're on. Near the module options icon, you'll now find a search icon (also available by pressing Tab+S on your keyboard) - click on that and you'll be able to search within the module you're currently in. When in the Address Book, you'll search within Contacts, when in the Children module, you'll search within Children and so on. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/382-searching-your-data-in-church-app
  • 17-Aug-2016 Pinning notesWe've made it possible to pin a specific note to the top of the Notes list for Address Book and Children module contacts, givers, bookings, events, small groups and in Flows etc. A great way to make sure important notes don't get lost in the list! Unpinning a note returns it to the ordered list of notes based on the note date. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/44-setting-the-visibility-of-notes
  • 16-Aug-2016 Sign up to sequence event pageWe now show all future event dates in the series for events where 'Sign up to sequence' is enabled on an event page. We've also updated the .ics file attachment for an event series to include all events in the sequences, so that when a sign-ups click on 'Add to Calendar', all the dates in the series are added to their personal calendar application. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/337-adding-tickets-to-your-events
  • 16-Aug-2016 Better flow reminder emailsWe've included some awesome hyperlinks within the newly-styled Flow reminder emails. Clicking on the Flow name in the notification email will jump you to the Flow in ChurchApp, and clicking on a contact name will jump you to the process window for that contact within that Flow. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/154-flows
  • 10-Aug-2016 Better Batch handlingWe've improved the way in which we handle Batches, making it possible to now download Batch data as a CSV or PDF file. Batches also now "remember" your last used default settings, making for quicker data entry when you return and add additional donations. A list of all your Batches are now available under Giving > Batches. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/244-managing-donation-batches
  • 09-Aug-2016 Rota clash reporting enhancementsIn the "Rota Clashes" report in ChurchApp, and the 'Clashes' tab in My Rotas, we now helpfully show you the role(s) a member is doing in each of their clashes and the rota status (if 'Draft') - giving you all the information you need to resolve the problem. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/220-rota-clash-management
  • 09-Aug-2016 Auto-complete updateWe’ve enhanced the information displayed in all our auto-complete search results. For example, when searching groups in the Small Groups module, you now see additional meeting information in the auto-complete results as you type a group name.
  • 08-Aug-2016 Email & SMS preset visibility controlsYou can now set email and SMS presets to be visible only to certain user groups or just yourself. Now your users can create their own presets and manage their own preset library. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/67-using-preset-emails
  • 08-Aug-2016 Save as preset - emails & SMSYou can now save emails as presets from within the compose window. Brilliant if you've composed a masterpiece that you'll need to send out again in future! http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/67-using-preset-emails
  • 08-Aug-2016 Ministry daysWhen adding or editing a Ministry you can now select multiple days of the week. This is reflected when adding a Rota for that Ministry, whereby the Rota serving days are pre-selected with the Ministry days. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/52-how-to-create-a-rota
  • 04-Aug-2016 Flow processingWhen editing a Flow you can now reorder your stage actions as well as choosing whether actions are checked or unchecked by default when you are processing contacts through a Flow. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/154-flows


  • 14-Sep-2016 Connect EventsWe've added a new section to Connect for Events! If you select "Show in Connect" from an event edit screen in ChurchApp you will then be able to see the event in the new "Event List" in Connect. In the Event List you can click through to event pages and sign-up. This is a particularly useful feature for back-of-Church tablets, enabling your congregation to easily sign-up to events you are currently publicising. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/386-running-event-sign-up-at-your-information-desk


  • 04-Aug-2016 Address Book Embed and Connect My DetailsIf you are allowing newcomers to choose from multiple sites on our Connect and Embed forms, the default selection is now "-- Choose Site --", which is a required field. This means that the newcomers has to make a choice, instead of possibly ignoring it or being added to a default site selection. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/367-embed-a-newcomer-connect-form-on-your-website

My ChurchApp

  • 12-Sep-2016 My ChurchApp user guideWe've put together a comprehensive user guide for My ChurchApp that churches may find helpful when sending invitations. We'll update the article as new features are added in the future. For example, you might provide a link to the article in your church's My ChurchApp invitation email. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/385-my-churchapp-user-guide
  • 08-Sep-2016 Add unavailability on member and date dropdownsWe've added a new option in the menu for rota members and on rota dates to auto populate the "Add unavailability" window with the dates and times of a specific serving instance. Overseers can now record unavailability straight onto the rota as part of their workflow in both ChurchApp and My ChurchApp. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/378-rota-unavailability
  • 05-Sep-2016 Rota unavailabilityA new Rotas module option allows serving team members and ministry overseers to add/manage rota unavailability, perhaps for holidays or other absence. Rota unavailability causes clash notifications when creating a rota or attempting to add/swap someone to a rota date that is unavailable. We've added some great new visual clash indicators too, making it even easier to identify clashes and unavailability. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/378-rota-unavailability
  • 01-Sep-2016 CSV download for My EventsWe've added a download button in My Events for event overseers. Clicking on the "Signups" button allows you to download to a CSV file including all of the contact and sign up information (tickets and event question responses). http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/384-event-overseer-functionality-in-my-churchapp
  • 23-Aug-2016 Running dates for small groupsWe've added a handy little feature for small groups in My ChurchApp and list/map Embed to let you know when groups are starting, running from/to or ending. They even change colour - green for groups not yet started (but sign-up open), black for active running groups, and red if the end date is getting closer. A great visual indicator to your prospective sign-ups. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/380-controlling-small-group-information-visible-in-my-churchapp-and-embed
  • 18-Aug-2016 Events - Restrict My visibility by tagYou can now use Tags to restrict the visibility of an event within My ChurchApp. Great for leader-only events in your leader tag, or for a duplicate event with a discount rate for volunteers in your volunteer tag. Or promote your upcoming men's event to just the men by creating a Smart Tag with a condition for 'Sex=Male'. Now you can create even better personalised content in My ChurchApp for your church members. http://support.churchapp.co.uk/article/299-controlling-the-visibility-of-your-events

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