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Connect - Child Check-In and My Details enhancements
Gavin Courtney | September 4, 2015 | ChurchSuite Updates

Connect - Child Check-In and My Details enhancements

ChurchApp Connect was built to make interacting with church members and visitors at your church services as simple as possible. Through it you can access our child check-in application, the online giving kiosk and a contact form for first-time visitors. Over the past month, we've focussed in on refining some of these features, adding even more great functionality:

Application switching

Firstly, we've made it easier than ever to switch between the different applications through the handy application switcher that you can find in the lower left corner of your device. Running Check-In but need to head to the My Details form to enter a new family's details? No problem - touch the icon and switch to the My Details application, then switch back again once you're done!

The applications made available through the switcher will be the applications available to the user who is logged in; if the user doesn't have access to the Address Book module, they won't see My Details, if they don't have access to the Children module, they won't see Check-In, etc.

My Details "Edit" mode

You've always been able to really easily take the details of people new to your church through the My Details form, and now you can also update existing contacts, thanks to "Edit" mode. First, you'll need to enable "Edit" mode, which can be done through the Address Book's module options - head to Administrator > Modules and click in to edit the Address Book module. Under the "Connect" tab, within the "Settings" section, tick the box that says "Allow existing contacts to be edited".

Having enabled the "Edit" mode within module options, when you go to the My Details form, you'll now find a new mode selector at the top of the page, allowing you to change between "Add" and "Edit" modes.

To update an existing person's details or to sign them up to an "Area of Interest", just search for them by name and make the necessary changes, then click "Save Changes". When the person's details are pre-filled in the form, key details are masked out so that their privacy is respected.

Check-In search updates

We've added a brand new way to search for children to check them in - you can now search within an age group, making it even faster to find the child you're looking for if you run in-room check-in. Simply switch mode to "Group search", select the age group you want to search within and search results are presented instantly! You can even filter results by Boy/Girl to make things a little quicker.

Within the Admin section of Check-In, we've added in the same great in-group search functionality, helping you find children to check out in a snap! As well as filtering the list by Boy/Girl, you can also search against the name or check-in code.

Check-In visitor fields

Finally, we've added in even greater control over which fields of information you request from new visitors as they check in their children, giving you the option to select which fields are required. Visitors can now enter the gender of their child as well as their name, mobile and email. To customise the selection to fit your needs, just head to Administrator > Modules and click in to edit the Children module. Under the "Connect" tab, within the "Visitors" section, just tick the options you want.

When a visitor next completes the form, they'll see the selection of fields you chose, with asterisks showing which fields are required.

It's really exciting for us to see so many churches making use of ChurchApp Connect to interact with their guests at services and we've got even more Connect applications in the pipeline - watch this space!

This is just the beginning,

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite