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Ongoing Updates: 10th April - 7th May 2015
Gavin Courtney | May 7, 2015 | ChurchSuite Updates

Ongoing Updates: 10th April - 7th May 2015

We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 10th April and 7th May 2015.


  • 06-May-2015 Member facing apps - now in SpanishSpanish translation added to the member facing sections of ChurchApp: Connect, Donate and My ChurchApp. Enhancements also made to Dutch, French and German translations.
  • 06-May-2015 Day specific Flow notificationsWhen editing a Flow, you're now able to select which days the reminder emails should be sent out on. Ideal if you have part-time staff and only want to be notified on the days they're working.
  • 05-May-2015 Rota roles in notificationsOur automated email and SMS notifications have been updated to allow you to include the role someone is serving in as part of the notification email/SMS.
  • 05-May-2015 Notes on rota datesYou can now add notes to rota dates, so you can notify your team members of when it's Communion, a baptism service or even a visiting speaker.
  • 01-May-2015 PDF address book childrenWhen generating a PDF address book, you can now select which types of child relationship should be included in the PDF, e.g. you can choose to include "parent" relationships, but exclude "grandparent" or "other" relationship types.
  • 30-Apr-2015 Additional tag filter options in reports in Childrens moduleThe reports in the Childrens module now include the match any/all tag filter bringing them in line with the reports in other modules.
  • 29-Apr-2015 Giver changes now trackedWhenever changes are made to givers in the Giving module, the changes are tracked and stored in the changelog, just as they are for contacts and children.
  • 27-Apr-2015 Mailchimp IntegrationOur MailChimp integration now allows you to sync people to a List based on both people who are in a tag as well as those who are not in a tag.
  • 22-Apr-2015 Child-Parent Relationship SelectionWhen editing a child, you are now be able to select from a list the relationship they have to the linked contact. The relationships available are; "Parent", "Grandparent", "Aunt / Uncle", "Guardian" and "Other". We have also improved the contact linking process on editing a child so that it is less confusing.
  • 21-Apr-2015 Event autosuggest obeys the ViewWhen searching for events the autosuggest now obeys the view that you are currently in, 'Past' or 'Future'.
  • 21-Apr-2015 CommunicationAdded functionality to exclude already invited contacts when sending batch My ChurchApp invite emails.
  • 20-Apr-2015 Editable notesYou can now edit notes throughout ChurchApp, and when a note has been edited, you can see who was the last user to edit it.
  • 20-Apr-2015 Contact profileWe now display the most recent (10) logins to My ChurchApp, if they have access, when viewing a contact in the Address Book.
  • 20-Apr-2015 Clickable groups in mapsWhen running a map report from the Small Groups module, when you click on the map pin, there's now a handy link through to view the group details in the popup that loads.
  • 17-Apr-2015 Child Check-In Sessions ReportThere is now a report in the Children module which lists all child check-in sessions and their respective settings. From there you can also edit the settings for the current day's sessions.
  • 16-Apr-2015 Rota ClashesIf when updating a rota ministry there are any rota clashes associated to that ministry you get taken to the Rota Clashes report.
  • 16-Apr-2015 Attendance Graph ReportYou can now group attendance data on the Graph Generator report in the Attendance module by the following: week, month, quarter, calendar year and academic year.
  • 15-Apr-2015 Leave line manager emailsWhen a line manager receives an email to notify them of logged leave the email will now included the leave type (i.e. Holiday, Sick etc.) and the attached notes.
  • 14-Apr-2015 Tag filter in Rotas reportsThere is now a filter by tags option within reports in the Rotas module.
  • 13-Apr-2015 Small GroupsYou can now perform an advanced search on smallgroups.
  • 13-Apr-2015 Descriptions for tagsA description can now be added to a tag in Address Book, Children and Giving modules, which can be viewed in the Tag Index and Tag View pages.


  • 17-Apr-2015 Closing Check-In SessionsUsers will now be asked for confirmation before closing a check-in session.


  • 17-Apr-2015 Embeddable future groupsThrough both our Embed small groups list and map, you can now specify that you want future groups to be listed - simply change the URL to include ?view=future. Perfect for churches who want to advertise groups that will be starting at a point in the future.


  • 22-Apr-2015 Children sign-ups on eventsYou can now sign up children to events either through ChurchApp or one of our event pages. We've also made the system even more intelligent in recognising who people are based on family relationships according to the first person who signs up for an event.

My ChurchApp

  • 01-May-2015 "Search for Others" paginationImproved the way that paginated results in "Search for Others" work, including adding in pagination controls at the bottom of the page.

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Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite