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Ongoing Updates: 13th March - 10th April 2015
Gavin Courtney | April 10, 2015 | ChurchSuite Updates

Ongoing Updates: 13th March - 10th April 2015

We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 13th March and 10th April 2015.


  • 09-Apr-2015 Flows - send ChurchApp emailsYou can now use the "Send email" action in your flow stages to send ChurchApp emails (My ChurchApp Invite and My ChurchApp Details Reminder) to your contacts.
  • 09-Apr-2015 Flows - archive contactYou can now add an action to your flow stages which will archive the contact.
  • 09-Apr-2015 Add contacts and children to tagsThroughout ChurchApp we are now allowing users to add contacts and/or children to tags on screens which list both contacts and children.
  • 08-Apr-2015 Export small group details to CSVDetails of small groups (dates and times, location, description) can now be exported to CSV, as well as details of the members within those groups.
  • 07-Apr-2015 Move back a Flow stageWhen you're viewing a flow, you'll now find the ability to move a person back one stage from the actions menu - perfect for when you've accidentally moved someone forward and didn't intend to.
  • 01-Apr-2015 Day and date selection in Rotas Overview reportThe Rotas Overview report now includes a date range selection, and options to filter by days of the week.
  • 31-Mar-2015 Record label communication for childrenWithin the Children module, when you generate a PDF for labels/envelopes, you now have the option to record the communication in the Communication Log in the same way that you can for contacts in the Address Book.
  • 30-Mar-2015 Leave line managersYou can now define "Line Managers" for each leave setup profile, who will receive through automated emails each time a user they line manage enters new leave.
  • 24-Mar-2015 Print badges for events with sign-upIf an event has sign-up enabled, badges can now be printed for people who are attending.
  • 20-Mar-2015 Better "forgotten password" processesWe've completely overhauled the "forgotten password" system so that you can now reset your password earlier in the process. The new user welcome email has also been tweaked slightly.
  • 18-Mar-2015 Check-in barcodes reportNew report which lists all children that have barcodes for use in Check-In. When a barcode is selected, all children with the same barcode are listed.
  • 16-Mar-2015 Exclude Attendance group from totalsIf you want to use the Attendance module to track a non-people metric such as the collection total or the percentage of chairs that were empty in the meeting, you can now select which stats should be "Included in Total" for each week.


  • 13-Mar-2015 Multiple email addresses for Areas of InterestYou can now set "Areas of Interest" emails to go through to multiple email addresses by editing the email address within the Address Book module options. If you want to send to multiple email addresses, simply separate them with commas.


  • 30-Mar-2015 Improved handling for embedded event pagesWhen you embed an event page into your website, once you submit the form, it will open a new browser tab with the ticket selection - this gets around a browser bug with third-party cookie detection.

My ChurchApp

  • 16-Mar-2015 Improved German translationsAcross all of our member-facing systems (Connect, Donate, Events and My ChurchApp), we've improved the way we handle and translate dates and times into the relevant locales. German translation has been thoroughly reviewed and updated.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite