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Huge iOS and Android app updates
Gavin Courtney | February 23, 2015 | ChurchSuite Updates

Huge iOS and Android app updates

We're delighted to announce that significant updates to our iOS and Android apps are now live in both the App Store and Play Store. Through these updates, your church members can now log in to My ChurchApp through our apps by entering their email address and password!

The feedback on My ChurchApp, the member-facing side of our church management system, has been fantastic. We've heard time and time again that church members love the ability to update their details, sign up for events and access group and rota listings as and when needed. With the ability for church members to access My ChurchApp through a native app, the frequency with which church members access the system is only likely to increase!

As a part of this update, our apps now work on tablets as well as smartphones. Whether you're using an iPad or an Android tablet, accessing either ChurchApp or My ChurchApp, you'll be able to use our apps as and when you need them. We've even rolled in support for new technologies such as Touch ID on Apple devices to enhance security.

And as if that wasn't enough, we're also pleased to announce the immediate availability of two additional sections within My ChurchApp; My Giving and My Podcast.

My Giving

Keeping church members in the loop with which donations you've received from them is a great way to ensure financial transparency and can help to reduce the burden on your Finance team. Regardless of which country you're in tax returns often require members to declare their charitable contributions - with My Giving, members have that data at their fingertips, reducing their need to request it from the Finance team.

On top of this, My Giving, also links straight through to ChurchApp Donate for online donations, as well as allowing church members to make pledges and Gift Aid Declarations online! If you're launching a building project or any project with ongoing donations, having your church members pledge their future donations has never been easier!

Learn how you can enable My Giving support today - you can even restrict it to be available to a certain tag of givers!

My Podcast

Church podcasts are a fantastic way to ensure that each church member can catch up with the weekly message even if they've not been able to attend church that week. My Podcast features SoundCloud support as well as the standard iTunes podcast feed, so whether you make your weekly talks publicly available or not, you can ensure that church members can listen along through their app.

We've even included the ability to group talks together into series, helping church members to keep fully up to date on the current teaching series. Learn how you can enable My Podcast support in just a couple of minutes!

All of these updates are available immediately on your account - just a small reflection of some of the fantastic updates we've been working on over the last few months!

This is just the beginning,

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite