My Rotas iCal feeds - your rotas on your calendar!
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We consistently hear that the 'My Rotas' section of My ChurchApp is hugely popular with church members. In just a couple of clicks you can see a complete run-down of all your upcoming serving commitments, alongside who you're serving with - it's really as simple as that!

Accessing My ChurchApp is a simple process of either using your web browser or one of our mobile apps, making it really easy to see where and when you're serving. Today we're pleased to announce another convenient way to get this information - My Rotas iCal feeds.

iCal feeds can be used to subscribe to a live list of dates in your calendar application of choice (iOS Calendar, Google Calendar, Mac Calendar or Outlook), which automatically update when you're added to a new rota or swap with someone.

Prefer the layout of your Macbook's Calendar application? Use Google Calendar for organising your diary? Like the way your mobile calendar notifies you of upcoming events? Rota iCal feeds work with all of them.

Our iCal feed works by subscribing a calendar application or service (such as Calendar on Mac or Google Calendar) to the My Rotas section of My ChurchApp. Once the subscription is complete (a process that takes a few minutes to set up) any new rota dates appearing in My ChurchApp will automatically carry over to appear in your calendar application - it really is that simple! We've even put together this handy support article to take you through the entire process step-by-step.

My Rotas iCal feeds is just one of the many ways that ChurchApp seeks to make it as easy as possible for you and your church members to stay organised and up-to-date with the life of your church. Your church database software shouldn't be a silo you can't get data out of - we're making it easier than ever to see your rota commitments, wherever you are.

Happy Christmas!

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