Ongoing Updates: 27th August - 28th October 2015
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We're constantly updating and enhancing ChurchApp, often building directly upon customer feedback to guide our development. The following lists some changes that were made to ChurchApp between 27th August

and 28th October 2015.


  • 26-Oct-2015 - Giver Communication report

    There's a new Communication report in the Giving module that allows you to query communication to your Givers.

  • 23-Oct-2015 - Giver CSV Mail Merge option

    You can now choose to export Giver information in CSV mail merge format so that you can easily prepare letters or envelopes when posting out Statements of Donation.

  • 23-Oct-2015 - Booking clash detection

    Improved the layout of any detected clashes when a booking is being added/edited. Information is now presented in a more uniform manner.

  • 20-Oct-2015 - Couple first names merge field

    When composing an email, you can now choose to send out the email named to the couple rather than just to one individual. The merge field has been added to our list of available merge fields in our Support article.

  • 20-Oct-2015 - Edit Spouse in Module Option

    We now have two module options to allow people to edit their marital status and to edit their spouse in My ChurchApp

  • 19-Oct-2015 - Module options for "Manage" users

    Any user who has "Manage" permissions on a module now has access to that module's options.

  • 09-Oct-2015 - Time Picker

    Our new time picker is now in use across the entirety of ChurchApp.

  • 08-Oct-2015 - Rota PDFs

    When viewing a rota ordered by role you can now download it as a PDF.

  • 07-Oct-2015 - Email open tracking

    You can now track when emails that you've sent out from within ChurchApp are opened and see overall open rate statistics.

  • 06-Oct-2015 - Add to tag and key date

    On Address Book tag and key date pages, as well as in the Children module, we now allow you to add to tag and key dates.

  • 02-Oct-2015 - Rotas ordered by role

    When viewing a rota, you can now choose whether you want it to be ordered by name or role. When ordering by role, you can allocate a person to a specific role with a single click or add them to all their ministry roles in just the same way you could before.

  • 02-Oct-2015 - Rotas Overview Report

    You can now download this report as a PDF

  • 01-Oct-2015 - Rota PDFs

    You can now download a rota as a PDF.

  • 22-Sep-2015 - Load more logs

    On each of our Recent Activity logs you can now click "Load more" to see older logs.

  • 21-Sep-2015 - Email reports

    You can now email the majority of reports from ChurchApp

  • 21-Sep-2015

    EmailsYou can now modify who receives emails.

  • 15-Sep-2015 - Booking set up and down time

    You can now specify set up and set down times when booking your resources.

  • 14-Sep-2015 - Giving Reports

    We now have a duplicate giver and duplicate donations report.

  • 04-Sep-2015 - Import key dates

    When importing contacts or children from a CSV file, you can now select columns to be imported as key dates.

  • 03-Sep-2015 - Invoice PDFs & Billing now more accessible

    Invoice PDFs are now automatically sent out as an attachment to the invoice email and we've also made the Billing section available through a separate secure URL so that you don't have to make your Finance person an Administrator. Your unique URL for the Billing section is now included whenever you receive through an invoice.


  • 28-Aug-2015 - Connect Admin group search

    When using child check-in, when you go through to the Admin section and click through to view a group, you're now able to search within the page. You can search either against the child's name or their check-in code, making finding the right child to check out an even simple process.


  • 20-Oct-2015 - Public holidays no longer listed

    We no longer show public holidays such as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night in the embeddable calendar. Bank holidays continue to be displayed.

My ChurchApp

  • 26-Oct-2015 - My Rotas - Next serving section

    When in My ChurchApp and looking at the My Rotas section, there's now a new "Next Serving" section that shows you, across any rotas you're a part of, when you're next serving, in a friendly and helpful format.

  • 13-Oct-2015 - Edit Attendance

    Users who can currently view and add attendance in My ChurchApp can now also edit attendance instances in My ChurchApp

  • 09-Oct-2015 - Email Tracking

    If a user of My ChurchApp views an email in My which hasn't been logged as opened before, it gets logged as opened


​If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you.

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