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iCal feeds are live - get the church calendar on your phone!
Gavin Courtney | December 8, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

iCal feeds are live - get the church calendar on your phone!

One of the great benefits of ChurchApp's Calendar module is that it lets you plan and track everything that's going on in the life of your church in one place. Whether you're looking to easily plan events that are happening in the life of your church, organise holidays and leave for your users or organise a paid church event, it's all ready for you.

You've always been able to access the Calendar through your browser, but to make things even easier for you we've now included an inbuilt iCal feed so that events created in ChurchApp to appear on an external calendar of your choice as well. You can now subscribe to the Calendar on your phone, tablet or computer, and changes made within ChurchApp will push through to all your devices!

Subscribe to the Calendar module with our handy iCal feeds!

Our iCal feed works by subscribing a calendar application (such as Calendar on Mac or Google Calendar) to your ChurchApp Calendar module. Once the subscription is complete (a process that takes a few minutes to set up) any new events, holidays or leave that are created in ChurchApp will automatically carry over to appear on your external calendar - it really is that simple! We've also put together this handy support article to take you through the entire process step-by-step.

Use an iCal feed to have events in ChurchApp appear on an external calendar.

As well as subscribing to your main Calendar in ChurchApp you can also subscribe to an individual category or even a series of categories if you want. So if, for instance, you only wished to have events relating to newcomers events appearing on your external calendar, you could create a Newcomer category in the Calendar module, subscribe to it and any current or future events within just that category would be pulled through to your calendar application.

Use an iCal feed to subscribe to your categories in the Calendar module.

In order to make keeping track of the holidays and leave that your users have booked, ChurchApp also allows you to subscribe to the Leave section of the Calendar module. This is done in exactly the same way as when subscribing to a category, just follow these simple steps.

 Use the iCal feed to display holidays and leave on your Google calendar.

Using iCal feeds to allow you to subscribe to the Calendar module is just one of the many ways that ChurchApp seeks to make it as easy as possible for you to stay organised and up-to-date with the life of your church. Your church database software shouldn't be a silo you can't get data out of - we're making it easier than ever to access your church calendar wherever you are!

This is just the beginning...

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite