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Gather newcomer details quickly and easily, with My Details!
Gavin Courtney | November 25, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

Gather newcomer details quickly and easily, with My Details!

As your congregation grows it can often become a challenge to keep track of the contact details of newcomers to your church - which in turn makes it difficult for them to stay connected and engaged after their initial visit.

Every church has its own system to try and deal with this problem (whether it be sign-up sheets at the door, post cards that can be submitted to the church office, etc), but each of these methods require someone in the church office to sort through all of these new details and add them to your church database one by one, which can be a huge admin burden.

Our "My Details" interface, makes this process a whole lot easier by allowing newcomers to your church to input their contact information directly into ChurchApp, automatically creating a contact for them in the Address Book as they do so. This ensures that your church will have access to the details of any visitors or new members to your church the instant they're entered into our system, whilst also reducing the burden on your admin team to near zero!

My Details makes gathering the contact details of visitors and newcomers to your church quick and easy - ChurchApp

Although no two churches operate in exactly the same way, the "typical" method for using My Details to gather the contact information of newcomers to your church is to have either a laptop or tablet with My Details open on it available at the back of your church. Newcomers to the church can then be encouraged to drop by this area after the service and submit their details.

My Details lets you quickly and easily gather the contact details of any visitors to your church using an iPad - ChurchApp

Whole families can enter their details in a single go, with My Details allowing newcomers to enter the contact information for their spouse and children at the same time as they enter their own. Once these details are uploaded to our system ChurchApp will intelligently sort through them and create a record in the appropriate module for each new contact (i.e. spouses in the Address Book and children in the Children module) and will even establish a family link between the various contacts.

The entire process takes a matter of moments and once it's complete you'll be able to stay in touch with the newcomers through ChurchApp in the same way as you would any other member of your church.

My Details makes gathering the contact details of families who are visiting or have newly joined your church quick and easy - ChurchApp

Another brilliant feature of My Details is the Areas of Interest section. In the Module Options section of the Address Book you are able to specify areas of your church that a newcomer may be interested in getting involved with (such as joining a small group, attending a newcomers dinner or signing up for the Alpha course) as well assigning an email address to act as the point of contact for that area of interest. 

When they are submitting their details, a newcomer will be able to tick any areas of interest which they would like to know more about, which will automatically send an email to the point of contact for the areas of interest that they've selected.

My Details lets visitors or new members of your church indicate areas of church life that they are interested in being involved with when they give you their details -ChurchApp

My Details simplifies the entire process of collecting contact details for new members and visitors to your church, dramatically reducing the admin burden and freeing up your church office workers for other tasks. We hope that it will prove a useful and effective tool for your church - if you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite