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Selling church event tickets is now even better
Robin Staple | June 30, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

Selling church event tickets is now even better

Since we released event ticketing for the ChurchApp Calendar module, lots of churches have started making use of this reliable, easy way to sell church event tickets. Today we're announcing additions to this which, we think, will make the ticketing system even better.

1. Assign tickets to contacts who have signed up another way

What do you do with people who, for example, call the church office and promise to bring the payment for the ticket next Sunday? Well, the answer now is that you simply create an event sign-up for them and allocate the right ticket to them. Simple!

Assign church event tickets to church contacts who have signed up to the event

2. Track who has paid how much

In the example above, the person has promised to pay, but imagine that instead of the £15 they owe, they've only brought along £10 and a promise to bring more money at the event. Logistical nightmare? No problem! Simply mark that they've paid £10 in ChurchApp. The system knows that their ticket costs £15 and so marks them as having underpaid. This makes it easy for you to chase up the rest of the payment, at which point you can mark them as having paid (the system also recognises when generous people in your church "overpay").

Track which church contact has paid how much towards the church event

3. Reconcile income from tickets with total paid

After the event, ChurchApp shows you how many of each type of ticket were sold.

See the total number of church event tickets sold

ChurchApp also adds up the total those tickets amount to - something which you can then compare to the total that was paid by event attendees.

Reconcile church event income with total of tickets sold

We hope this functionality will be really useful to churches using the ChurchApp Event Ticketing system - and as always, we'd love to hear your feedback!

And if you're not yet using the Calendar module of ChurchApp, do take a look and see whether this might be something for you!

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite