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New: User Groups for teams - group notes & shared email
Robin Staple | May 29, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

New: User Groups for teams - group notes & shared email

Growing churches need effective teams. Effective teams need efficient church management software!

That's why we've now built support for staff teams right into ChurchApp - an update that, we believe, will help staff teams to be work together by providing more of an organisational backbone to their ministry!

Here's what's new:

1. Organise your staff into user groups

Organise church staff teams in ChurchApp church software

Now, you can organise your small groups team, your finance team, your pastoral support team, your newcomer integration team or any other team you have in ChurchApp. This means that your church software can begin to support your organisational structure.

2. Let teams communicate through ChurchApp

Send staff team emails to church members through ChurchApp church software

Staff teams often have a shared email address that they communicate out from, allowing any member of the team to respond when someone needs help. ChurchApp allows users within a team to either send out emails from a shared email, e.g. info@, bulletin@ or events@, or alternatively their personal email address - making your communication even more efficient and effective.

3. Enable teams to share pastoral notes within the team

Church staff teams can share notes on church members in ChurchApp church member database

When making a note on contact's profile, you can now make the note just visible to those in your team. Often, pastoral support teams will need to keep sensitive information about contacts contained within their specific team. Equally, there are often situations where the note is important to a certain team, but simply not of interest to the wider staff. Being able to keep notes within a team is a big step forward in terms of your church office's workflow.

We hope that you'll find those features useful. Are there any other ways in which you'd like to make use of user groups in ChurchApp? Let us know!

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite