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Sending emails through ChurchApp just got better
Robin Staple | May 16, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

Sending emails through ChurchApp just got better

One of the key things we focus on at ChurchApp is enabling churches to communicate effectively and easily with their members. Already, churches are relying on ChurchApp's email service: we're now sending out more than 500,000 emails per year on behalf of churches! That is a staggering number, and what's more it's continuing to grow very quickly.

With that in mind, we recently released a few updates to our email system to make it an even more powerful communication tool for churches.

1. Scheduled Emails

Churches can schedule emails to church members

ChurchApp now lets you plan ahead! Want an email to arrive on a Sunday just as the sermon is about to start, so your church members can use their phones to follow the sermon? No problem - schedule it a few days before for the right time, and ChurchApp will send it for you!

2. Preset emails

Using preset emails to email your church members

Do you find yourself sending out the same email over and over again? For example, an email welcoming first time visitors? Now, you can save an email as a preset, load it when composing an email, customise it for the recipient and you're done — saving lots of time and effort! Please see our Support section for more info on How your church can send preset emails to church members

3. Email signature formatting

HTML Email signature formatting for churches

Your email signature (set in your user's settings) is getting a facelift! Bold? Italic? Red? Larger size writing? You can now customise your email signature to your heart's content...

4. Email theme colour

Customise the My ChurchApp emails to feature your church's theme colour

My ChurchApp invitation emails now use your church's colour, to help your church members connect the email with your church.

We believe these four improvements will help to make sending emails from within ChurchApp even more useful... and this is just the beginning.

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite