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My ChurchApp is here!
Gavin Courtney | April 14, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

My ChurchApp is here!

Today, we're launching a major new feature for ChurchApp. Ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to announce My ChurchApp!

My ChurchApp a church member management system that works well on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops

My ChurchApp is the result of months of work: a new way to enable you to connect with your church members. My ChurchApp can be thought of as a much improved ChurchApp Public - it works in much the same way, but features a fresh new design, an easy to use interface, and adds a whole lot of new features to the mix. We've basically gone back to the drawing board and completely redesigned ChurchApp Public from the ground up.

My ChurchApp a church member management system that works well on iPhones and other smartphones

If you weren't aware, ChurchApp Public is our system that lets your church members log in to update their details, sign up to church events, see when they're serving and arrange rota swaps, submit small group attendance (if they lead a group) and lots more.

We have ambitious plans which simply outgrew ChurchApp Public, so we went back to the drawing board and built a system that truly takes advantage of the mobile digital age we find ourselves a part of.

1. Built for mobiles first

Lots of our customers have been asking us about better mobile access for their church members, and we've listened. My ChurchApp was built with "responsive design", which means that the layout and design automatically adapt depending on the size of your screen.

When designing My ChurchApp, we designed it for smartphones and tablets first and then we expanded it to desktops and laptops. We believe this fits best with the way in which your church members will interact with My ChurchApp, increasingly on-the-go from a smartphone or at home on a tablet. Regardless of the device your members use to access My ChurchApp, their experience won't alter, it will be just as easy to use any any device.

My ChurchApp a church member management system that works well on tablets, laptops and desktops

2. Built for your church

You can now brand My ChurchApp

We've built your church branding right into the design of My ChurchApp. In other words, if you've set your church's look and feel in ChurchApp, then My ChurchApp will automatically start to look and feel like your church, in the same way that this already happens with ChurchApp Donate or your Event pages.

More control

We've introduced much more granular controls so churches can decide exactly what data church members are able to see and edit.

3. Built with lots of new features

  • Mobile interface - it works brilliantly on smart phones and tablets!
  • Ability to give My ChurchApp your church's look and feel.
  • Controls that are much more granular, enabling churches to decide, for instance, whether they want their members to be able to edit their own address or not (and lots more - see module options)
  • Brand new "My Communication" section, which lists all communication sent to the church member by the church.
  • Churches can now let parents upload profile images for their children.
  • New and updated "Search for others" function which lets members search for each other, which can even be restricted to only be available to contacts within a specific tag.
  • Ability to customise the My ChurchApp invitation email (under Administrator > Emails)
  • Support for more languages! My ChurchApp now exists in English and German, with more European languages to follow!

4. Built to last

Part of the reason for going back to the drawing board with this was that we wanted to build My ChurchApp in a way that was extendable. We have lots of features in the pipeline that we're hoping to add in the not too distant future:

  • My Giving: giving information; statement of donations; ability to manage one's giving
  • My Groups: the ability to sign up for small groups; an option for churches to enable small group leaders to create new Address Book contacts through My ChurchApp when submitting group attendance
  • My Rotas: bringing the group messaging functionality that already exists in My Groups to My Rotas so that people on a rota can send group messages to their rota.

This is a major update, and after months of work we're thrilled to be able to launch My ChurchApp today. We hope you'll enjoy using it, as always, please do give us your feedback - we rely on it.

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite