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New feature - Events registration and ticketing
Gavin Courtney | February 3, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

New feature - Events registration and ticketing

We’re always looking for new ways to make organising church events as quick and easy as possible - which is why we’re now proud to announce two new features designed to make running your next event easier than ever before.

Event Pages

From now on, whenever you create a new event in your Calendar module, ChurchApp will automatically generate a dedicated page for it, complete with all the relevant details. A link for this events page can then be emailed out, making it simple to invite both church members and guests alike.

Personalise your Event Page

Event pages can be customised to include your church logo, colour scheme and accompanying images - simply by uploading these preferences through your account profile page. Once complete ChurchApp will automatically add them to your event page - allowing you to create an attractive, personalised event page in only a few clicks.

Event Ticketing

We’ve also added a new online ticketing feature, making it as easy for people to sign up for your events as it is for you to advertise them. This is all done through the existing events creation process, where you’ll be now able to add a variety of different ticket options to go along with it. 

Tickets for your event can then be purchased through your newly created event page - either by emailing out the link; or for ChurchApp Public users, by clicking the "Sign up" button through the calendar.

If you're using our embedded calendar, visitors to your website can even sign up to events that you've chosen to make visible through Embed. ChurchApp doesn't limit event sign-ups to only the contacts in your account, meaning newcomers and occasional visitors can be included in the process too!

This is just the beginning.

Post by Gavin Courtney

Gavin Courtney, ChurchSuite