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2014 - Hitting the ground running!
Robin Staple | January 9, 2014 | ChurchSuite Updates

2014 - Hitting the ground running!

We hope you've had a good, restful, and blessed few days, a Merry Christmas, and a great start to 2014!

At the start of this new year, we want to let you know about a few new features that we've added to ChurchApp over the last couple of weeks!

1. Unified SMS interface - ChurchApp

Previously, sending an SMS was a different experience depending on which part of ChurchApp you were sending it from. Now, that has all changed. Wherever in ChurchApp you send an SMS from, you will always get the same great SMS box:

Sending SMS messages through ChurchApp is easy

2. First day of the week - Calendar

Sunday? Monday? You can now set the weekly start date in the Calendar module options. So, if you want your week to start, say, on a Wednesday or a Saturday, we won't stop you!

3. Click those links - Small Groups

If you include web addresses in your Small Group descriptions, they are now clickable on your website (see churchapp.co.uk/tour/small-groups/embed to find out how to embed small groups in your website) or in ChurchApp Public.

Embed a map of all your church's small groups on your website

4. Better overview in the Rotas overview 

We've added the ability to "filter by ministry" to the Rotas overview report, which will help the report to do its job much more effectively.

And there are a few features in the pipeline that we'll be blogging about soon, so stay posted!

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite