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All new rota features
Robin Staple | November 28, 2013 | ChurchSuite Updates

All new rota features

Our Rotas module has developed very quickly in the last few months, as we've listened to and responded to feedback that we've had from our customers. As a direct result of this feedback, today we're announcing the latest batch of improvements, which affect both AdHoc rotas and also those that follow a rotation pattern.

If you're not "in the know" - AdHoc rotas are rotas that aren't based on a systematic approach, but where you assign people to serve week by week. And today, AdHoc Rotas is becoming a lot more feature rich.

Here are some of the recent updates:

1. One-click member addition

Add church members to your church's adhoc serving rotas

For AdHoc rotas, adding members to a team has never been easier! ChurchApp will show you everyone who's in your ministry and isn't already on the rota for that week. Simply click on someone's name and they're instantly added to the rota for that week - no need to search for regular ministry members!

2. Duplicate From Week button

Duplicate from week when setting up your church Sunday serving rota.

If you want to use another week's team as a starting point for putting your team together, just use the new "Duplicate from Week" button. ChurchApp will ask you which week you want to duplicate and show the team to you on-screen before it's duplicated.

Choose week to duplicate when setting up your church serving rotas with ChurchApp

3. Swap Team, Clear Team

Swap a team or even clear a team using ChurchApp to organise your church's Sunday serving teams

It happens in every church - the worship band needs to swap onto a different week because several members are away — simply click "Swap Team" and you can swap over the current team with the team from another week on the rota. If you need to recruit a whole new team for the week, no problem — just click "Clear Team" and start with a blank slate.

4. Edit roles from within an AdHoc rota

Editing roles in ChurchApp's AdHoc Rotas is easier than ever

Editing roles has become a lot easier too — you now have complete control of which roles each team member has for each week. You can even override the default roles for a given person, all from within a really simple and elegant interface.

Editing roles in ChurchApp's AdHoc Rotas is easy and quick

As always, we value your feedback when it comes to Rotas (or any other parts of ChurchApp). Our mission is to provide complex functionality in a way that makes it simple and accessible.

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite