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AdHoc rotas come to ChurchApp
Robin Staple | July 18, 2013 | ChurchSuite Updates

AdHoc rotas come to ChurchApp

When creating the Rotas module, the first challenge we focussed on was bringing you a great system for organising repeating rotas. If you want to organise your volunteers in teams and create church serving rotas with those teams, the ChurchApp Rotas module is what you need!

Today, responding to multiple customer requests, we are pleased to be able to announce a new type of rota that doesn't use a systemic, team approach: AdHoc rotas!

With AdHoc rotas, you can simply add church members to each week (or fortnight, etc), rather than first organising them into teams.

Auto-complete makes adding rota members easy

Adding church members to an event is really simple, thanks to ChurchApp's autocomplete feature.

ChurchApp Sunday serving rotas - ad-hoc church serving rota for churches

Easy rota swapping

For those times when you need to make a swap, we've built in a great feature too!

Swap members really easily on ChurchApp's ad-hoc church rota management

We've been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we've had on the Rotas module ever since it was launched, and this is just one of several new features that will appear over the coming weeks. To all the customers who were asking for this feature - we hope you'll like it! As always, we appreciate thoughts, comments and suggestions!

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite