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Online Giving for churches
Robin Staple | August 8, 2013 | ChurchSuite Updates

Online Giving for churches

Last week we blogged about our new Giving module, which we think is a great way for churches to manage their giving. One of the best features, we think, is the Online Giving system that lets churches accept donations through their websites.

Online Giving for churches

When we built the online giving system, we wanted to make sure that it was easy to use in order to encourage giving, well implemented, clean, professional, and good value. We are really happy with the result and think that churches will get a lot of use out of it!

How does it work?

The church puts our Donate button on its website, inviting people to donate. The button looks professional and confidence inspiring and is easy to drop into any web page. There are a variety of ChurchApp Donate buttons to choose from:

ChurchApp Donate buttons - online giving system for UK churches

When somebody wants to give money to the church, all they need to do is click the donate button, and they will see the giving form.

ChurchApp Donate - online giving system built specially for churches

The giving form can be given your church's look and feel: 


On the giving form, givers can decide whether they want to set up a regular, monthly donation (to be collected via direct debit), a one off donation, or both. They can sign the gift aid declaration by simply ticking a box, and they can decide which one of your church's funds they want their donation to go to (for instance, you may have a fund for regular giving, and a separate fund for a special offering, building project, or other charitable activity).

If the giver is already in your ChurchApp address book, the system will identify them after they have entered in their email address, which makes the experience even quicker and simpler - both for the giver and your finance team!

Advantages to the giver

For givers, this is a simple, easy, secure and positive way to give. It is quick and without frustration. We believe that once a person has decided to give, there shouldn't be any hoops for them to jump through - they should be able to act on their decision with ease.

Advantages to the church

Firstly, by making it easier for church members to give, the church can help people to act on their intention to make a donation. Secondly, all the giving data - who made the donation, which fund it was made for, whether they filled in a gift aid declaration, whether gift aid has been claimed on that donation - is logged in ChurchApp. This can literally save hours and hours of work! And, thirdly, as it is so easy for givers to sign the gift aid declaration (simply by ticking a box), they are much more likely to do so, which can help to raise the amount churches can claim in gift aid.

To start taking donations online today please get in touch with us at support@churchapp.co.uk.

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite