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ChurchApp for iPhone
Chris Radford | May 15, 2013 | ChurchSuite Updates

ChurchApp for iPhone

A common request over the past year has been for a native iPhone app for ChurchApp, and we're delighted to now reveal that we've been working on one over the last few months.

ChurchApp for iPhone puts the power of your ChurchApp Address Book right in your pocket, with a fast, native interface, and the polished look and feel you've come to associate with ChurchApp - we think you'll love what we've built.

In designing the app we wanted to keep it simple, avoid excess features and focus on playing to the iPhone's strengths. ChurchApp is a huge product, with hundreds of different user and admin pages; so we chose just one feature, the one that is the most commonly used on nearly every account, and designed the app to do just that.

So if you want to edit your Church Attendance for a month last Sunday, or check which teams have more than four volunteers on, you'll need to use the ChurchApp web application, but if you just want Mrs Smith's address, or mobile number, ChurchApp for iPhone has you covered.

ChurchApp for iPhone will be coming to the App Store later this summer, however if you're interested in getting early access and helping us work out any remaining bugs, you can sign up to be a beta tester today.

Post by Chris Radford

Chris Radford, ChurchSuite