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Does your church's child check-in check out?
Robin Staple | April 17, 2013 | Church Communication Strategy

Does your church's child check-in check out?

Imagine you are a parent and it's your first time at the church. The people seem quite friendly and you are intrigued. But then, they ask you to leave your child in the care of complete strangers. Friendly strangers, yes, but complete strangers nontheless. Is it safe a safe environment? What if something happens? Maybe these are just fleeting thoughts, but those worries are present.

Imagine that you reach the desk where you are to check in your child. A friendly person asks you for the child's name, two stickers are printed out. One sticker is goes on your child, one is given to you. You see that there is a number on both stickers - the person behind the check-in desk explains that you need your sticker to pick the child up, that the numbers have to match.

ChurchApp child check in - a professional way for your church to do children's ministry

You feel reassured. Those niggling worries have been dampened by the friendly and professional approach the children's workers have shown. You feel like your child is in a safe place.

The scenario above is obviously made up, but something similar takes place in churches up and down the country every week. Chances are it happens in your church quite frequently. So the question is:

Does your church's child check-in check out?

At ChurchApp, we can help you make sure that the answer is "yes". The child check-in procedure outlined above is built in to the Children module of ChurchApp. It means that, on a Sunday morning, all you need is an internet connected laptop and a label printer, and you are good to go. Visitors will feel safer, your church will feel friendlier and your children's ministry more professional.

In addition, you will have an up-to-date register at all times, which is very useful for fire drills, and the children's ministry statistics will auto-update based on who checked in on a Sunday.

For more information, why not take a look at our new child check-in page.
And for help setting it up, visit our child check-in support page.

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite