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8 great free resources your church could use
Robin Staple | March 22, 2013 | Free Church Resources

8 great free resources your church could use

At ChurchApp, we do what we do because we want to serve the church and help it thrive. In pursuit of this mission, we have been posting a lot of articles recently about how your church could use ChurchApp to do a lot of things better and more efficiently.

Today, we want to take a different tack, and point you to a few resources we've found that other people provide. These resources are all free. We hope you'll find something useful here!

1. Free stock photos

Free stock photos from sxc.hu

sxc.hu contains a vast array of photos that can be used for your church's website, publicity materials, or ministries.


2. Bible verse infographics

Infographic of Colossians 3:3

A collection of various Bible verse infographics - some great ones, some average ones, but certainly a treasure chest!


3. Inside Worship

Inside Worship - a website aimed at resourcing worship leaders

A site dedicated to worship leaders, giving very practical lessons and little nuggets of wisdom.


4. Bible word clouds

Word cloud of the book of Nehemiah

Some downloadable word clouds based on the entire Bible, as well as lots of OT and NT word clouds.


5. Free media packs

The "Organic Sparkle" motion loop worship background

Some media packs for sermon series, worship background video loops, and more.


6. Free looping backgrounds

The "Water Circles" free looping background for churches

A bunch of free looping backgrounds for your church to use. You can also find lots of other free stuff on this website.


7. Free illustrative videos

Free illustrative video of Jeremiah 5:22

Lots of free illustrative videos, photographs, motion backgrounds, small group resources and more.


8. Flickr

Flickr photo site, a great source of images for churches

Another great source of images that you can use for your ministries is Flickr. You can search for images that carry a "Creative Commons" licence, which means you have a lot of legal freedom in terms of how you can use the image.


So, hopefully, you will find lots of good stuff in these 8 websites. If you know of any other great resources that other churches could make use of, please let us know on Twitter: @ChurchAppUK, on ChurchApp's Facebook Page, or on ChurchApp's Google+ profile.

Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite