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Better insight into church-wide communication
Robin Staple | February 27, 2013 | ChurchSuite Updates

Better insight into church-wide communication

Knowing what is being communicated by your staff to your church can be very helpful on a strategic level, whether you are looking at the bigger picture or detailed situations. This is why, a few weeks ago, we launched the communications log in ChurchApp (see Tracking email and SMS communication - helping you work more smartly).

Today, we're announcing an expansion of this feature to make it even more useful. There are two new ways that, as a church leader, you can use ChurchApp to stay on top of your church's communication.

1. Expanded communications log

The expanded communications log in the ChurchApp church management system

The communication log is a useful tool that enables you to see all communication to a member of your church. Whether an SMS has been sent, an email or a letter, it's recorded in the log and enables you to see when it was sent and by whom.

With the expanded log, you are now able to see more information on some of these logs. Just click on the little "More" symbol next to the entry and a box with more information appears.

This "More" link will only appear if you're logged in as the user who initiated the communication or you're logged in as a user with admin rights.

2. Communications report

The communications report in the ChurchApp church management system

The communication report is a new report that brings all the communication logs across your address book together into one report. Here, you can see who was contacted within a certain time period, how they were contacted, filter the results by method of communication, and more. Being able to ensure that communication has been made with groups of people has never been easier!

This report is only available for user accounts that have admin rights.

We hope this new feature will be really helpful to you as we continually work to make ChurchApp more and more useful for churches.


Post by Robin Staple

Robin Staple, ChurchSuite